Global humanoid encounter

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Global humanoid encounter:
Reports of encounters with humanoids or alien beings come in various shapes, sizes and circumstances.They were regularly seen and reported unabated, worldwide. Unfortunately, the scientific community does not perceived this phenomenon as a legitimate field for any serious study. The reports were made across the globe, transcending diverse ethnics, religious and cultural backgrounds This phenomenon is usually associated or seen in conjunction with reports of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs).. It is transient in nature and elusive. If objective in reality, it does not permit itself for close scientific scrutiny. This has given rise to various speculations.

The earliest speculation came from the United States Air Force which suggested that they were a type of space animals (Project Saucer: 1949)). This idea, however, was later retracted. Psychologists assumed that the reports were a form of archetype associated to the human psyche and minds (Jung: 1958). Some attributed it to the so-called “fantasy-prone personality” or FPP (Barber & Wilson: 1981). Another concept was postulated by Persinger and Lafreniere (1) which linked the hallucinations as being due to the electromagnetic energy released by the piezo-electric effect of quartz bearing rocks in seismic areas which affected the minds. Sociologists (Bartholomew & Howard: 1998) too considered the humanoid encounter reports as subjective in nature due to collective or mass delusions. The objective reality, however, that the reports could in fact be extraterrestrials reaching Earth is considered scientifically impossible, taking into account the astronomical interstellar distances involved and the regularity of the reports made.

The first official task to look into the phenomenon of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) was given to the United States Air Force. They started with Project Sign in 1948, then to Project Grudge in 1949 and finally culminating with the study known as Project Bluebook (2) which ended in 1969. These lengthy studies (mainly investigations and evaluations), however, did not present any conclusive results. Forty years after this official study ended, we are left with the same status quo.

Scientists have estimated that there are millions of possible habitable planets like Earth in the universe (Sagan; 1963, Shklovskii & Sagan; 1966, Bond & Martin: 1978 ). The chances that life, somehow existed only on Earth is scientifically untenable. If intelligent life forms do exist elsewhere, then there is a possibility that some of them have discovered Earth and have made attempts to come here. The question is – have they actually reached us?

Since we knew little about the fabric and matrices of Space, the possibilities that they could reached Earth within a short span of time without changing the fundamentals of physics must be given serious consideration. In the olden days when we lacked technology, the trade winds helped propelled ships to cross continents. For advanced aliens, if they have the technology, naturally occurring astrophysical entities (acting as short cuts) in Space could provide the necessary mode for quick interstellar travel.

This study attempts to identify the possible stimulus of the humanoid reports based on the observations. The humanoid reports could have been generated from any of the following:

1. Hoaxers/Pranksters

2. Psychosis/Hallucinations

3. Sociological Trauma

4. Extraterrestrials Life Forms
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