Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels:
We all possess our personal beliefs for whatever reasons. We all have the freedom to believe what we choose. Many who don't believe in what another believes in will demand proof or evidence of their particular beliefs. When it comes to beliefs, if there were any rock-solid evidence and/or proof, that belief would simply become a fact.

 I would like to share a personal story with the Alien-UFO Community. The title of the story is: "Ancient Surgical Procedure Saves 90-Year-Old's Life." The reason why it is a personal story is because it inviolves my mother who is now 93 and still going strong.

 On February 3, 2008 she suffered a cerebral hemorrage. She was rushed to the hospital, underwent an ancient surgical procedure, and I can happily say came through the surgery with all her facualties & mobility. She continues to do fine today.

The newspaper article regarding this true story that is nothing short of a miracle can be viewed by clicking on or copying & pasting the follwing link:

It is my belief that extraterrestrials have always aided man from a behind-the- scenes approach since antiquity. Two major interventions have ocurred: During ancient times with the building of the Pyramids (to jump-start man's knowledge) and with the introduction of Jesus (to curb and correct man's barbaric traits). The third major intervention will be an attempt to save man from man himself.

My mother being saved by a surgeon who utilized an ancient surgical procedure (used during ancient times, a suspected time of alien intervention), leads me to believe that extraterrestrials have also acted as our guardian angels.

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