Andromeda Council: Removal of Dark Undersea Base.

Andromeda Council: Removal of Dark Undersea Base.:
This is RC, ascending Gaian, and I share my Light and Love with All Life as I Live my Life through Love for all Life.

I felt the need to pass on this information about the 6.9 Earthquake of the coast of China, was a direct reflection of the removal of the last Dark’s Undersea Bases. The Andromeda Council lead the way in removing the Dark, and their stranglehold on Humanity. If you want to know more about The Andromedans, please visit

This is in connection with the information I distributed in this website regarding the removal of the African/Middle East Dark Undersea Base.

Here is the article for this information:

Here is the audio/video phone conversation between the writer of the article and the human representative of Andromedan Council.

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