Woman has 20 personalities

Woman has 20 personalities: Kim Noble suffers from a rare condition known as split personality disorder and has over 20 alter egos. Kim's personalities can come forward and take ...

Personality is unique characteristics of a man, angels, or God. Personality is unique. No one has the same personality.
We can communicate and talk only with a person. A person has name, has unique characteristics, unique and special.
Trillions over trillions beings each have different personalities.
Who created personalities? God the Father. Personality is a gift of Universal Father. He is the first and source of all personality.
God is Persons. God in Paradise is one God but has three different Personality: Father, Son, and Spirit. Father is source and center of all personalities. Son is center of all spiritual realms. Spirit is center of mind. Paradise is the center of matter and gravity. Personality, Spirit, Mind, and Matter are the fundamental of all we see, the universe we know today.

P.5 - §9 God--the Universal Father--is the personality of the First Source and Center and as such maintains personal relations of infinite control over all co-ordinate and subordinate sources and centers. Such control is personal and infinite in potential, even though it may never actually function owing to the perfection of the function of such co-ordinate and subordinate sources and centers and personalities.
P.5 - §18 7. The potential personality of an evolutionary moral being or of any other moral being is centered in the personality of the Universal Father.
P.6 - §2 In this original transaction the theoretical I AM achieved the realization of personality by becoming the Eternal Father of the Original Son simultaneously with becoming the Eternal Source of the Isle of Paradise. Coexistent with the differentiation of the Son from the Father, and in the presence of Paradise, there appeared the person of the Infinite Spirit and the central universe of Havona. With the appearance of coexistent personal Deity, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit, the Father escaped, as a personality, from otherwise inevitable diffusion throughout the potential of Total Deity. Thenceforth it is only in Trinity association with his two Deity equals that the Father fills all Deity potential, while increasingly experiential Deity is being actualized on the divinity levels of Supremacy, Ultimacy, and Absoluteness

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