A Universe Awaits! Experimenting With Out Of Body Experience

Technique to experience and see universe and other dimensions. A Universe Awaits! Experimenting With Out Of Body Experience:
An out of body experience, also called an OBE, is a scientifically proven phenomenon where a person seems to be floating outside of his physical body. This experience is common in near death situations but it also occurs at other times.

The experience of being able to view your physical body from a place outside the body is known as both an astral projection and an out of body experience. This is an idea that certainly shouldn’t be scoffed at. There are countless people that were thought to be at death’s door that have made it back with vivid memories of seeing their physical body lying lifelessly in a room. They can also give an unusually detailed description of the activities that were going on in the room.

The term out of body experience started to be used in 1943, instead of the term ‘projection.’ The out of the body experience used to be termed as ‘spirit walking,’ which is a more belief centric term. It is important to note that scientists are still doing research on out of body experiences because they don’t consider it something that is imaginary.

Nearly one in every ten people have gone through an experience like this at one point in the lives. Because the number of individuals that have experienced an OBE, this cannot be looked at with skepticism.

Not all out of the body experiences happen near death. There are a number of OBEs that are spontaneous or are done on purpose. They can also be brought on by mental or physical trauma, drug use, or trance or coma state.

You will come across many places online that promise you the thrills of astral projection and travel. Really, it’s not difficult to do if you know how to go about it the right way. Astral projection is said to be a completely natural process that was used frequently be the ancients. Sadly, many of their descendents have forgotten all about the lost art of astral projection. You may find it hard to believe, but a high level of spiritual or mental power is not necessary in order to successfully have an out of body experience.

However, you do have to possess the ability to completely focus on just one point. If the conscious mind holds you back because it fears that if you project yourself from your body, you won’t be able to come back. It is this subconscious fear that will prevent you from experiencing astral travel and projection.

You must develop the belief that it is possible for your astral body to safely leave your physical body. You must also believe that both bodies will be safe during the separation and your astral body will always be able to return. If you do harbor fear that you will die if your astral body separates or that it will get stuck in limbo, then it is probably not a good idea to delve into astral projection until your fear of the out of body experience has been resolved.

If you are confident in your beliefs, then you must silence your mind with methods like self hypnosis and meditation so you can leave your body. Think positive thoughts about having an out of body experience and tell yourself that you will astral travel. Once your thoughts are in the right place, your mind will take over and be receptive to astral projection.

To get started, locate a peaceful area where you won’t be disturbed. Lie down with your arms at your sides and allow your aura to harmonize Mother Nature. Breath deeply, focusing on completely relaxing your physical body in a manner that will allow your astral body to venture forth and explore the dimensions far beyond your mental and physical knowledge. You will soon start to feel your body beginning to tingle. Allow this sensation. Anytime a conscious thought sneaks into your head, push it aside and focus on gentle, deep breathing.

Your body will probably feel vibrations and your heartbeat may become rapid. Keep yourself centered and calm. Don’t get excited or you may thwart the out of body experience. Let the feelings engulf you while you focus only on your breath. In this state, your astral body is able to leave your physical body behind and set off on an exciting journey. Just allow it to happen rather than trying to force it.

Many people throughout the ages have learned how to have an out of body experience or astral travel. Some of them report the event is cut short due to their fear of leaving the side of their physical body. Others report they leave for unimaginable new spheres of existence and have experiences with such a level of clarity they cannot be mistaken for dreams or imaginings. You have the ability to astral travel as well. You can learn how to do it but the first step is in believing you can and that it is totally safe to do so.

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