Pleiadian Messages 10/4/11

Some messages from other world. Not connected directly with The Urantia Book but parallel and similar messages: Don't worry. The universe know everything, they care us. Everythings has a purpose. In our life now we are experiencing our life specifically designed for us to learn from. Everything is going on to be our good.
[Pesan ini tidak terkait langsung dengan Buku Urantia, tetapi punya pesan yang sama. Kita mengalami semua karena semua ada tujuannya untuk sarana kita belajar.]

Pleiadian Messages 10/4/11:
All follow, or will follow the path. Before one incarnates, a blueprint is mapped out for one’s journey through the challenges and triumphs of duality. Never before has so many accepted such a rigorous test, and the results are nothing short of spectacular. Keep in mind that all have agreed to experience just what they have experienced, and nothing anyone has encountered was not agreed to beforehand. All is as it should be, and all has been designed to test and strengthen one’s character and resolve. You all are doing so marvelously. Soon you will all graduate to a higher area to learn and to grow. That is what it is all about, that is why you chose to come here in the first place. Although at times it seems that all makes no sense, and that all the hardships and sadness is for naught, we tell you everything has its purpose.

In every area you needed to grow were events and challenges that were designed specifically for you to learn from. Accept these challenges with grace and understanding that they are precisely what you wished to experience at that exact moment in time. We, the souls who have remained for now beyond the veil, and you, the souls who have journeyed down through the dimensions, have carefully worked together in all the areas agreed upon before your earthly incarnation. Understand this truth and your difficult journey and the load you are carrying will lighten considerably, don’t you agree? We at times watch you decide which path you choose to take when a fork of decision presents itself to you. We marvel at your choice sometimes, and we respect and understand when your decision leads you down a path that is rocky and dark. All roads lead to enlightenment.
That is the grand design of the labyrinth of choices you all have before you. Some may take more time to reach the lighted doorway to the next higher dimension, but be assured always to know all will arrive at the same door eventually, according to personal preference and choice. We have all reached these doorways, and we tell you your individual journeys are worth every part of it. Through loss, struggle, and hardship, your journeys were escalated through ‘time’ to hasten your arrival at the gates you so wanted to reach. That is the answer to a question so many of your world for so long have pondered. ‘If there is a God, why is there such sadness in the world?’ So many have asked this question, but so few have reached its understanding. Do you now understand? It is through these difficult challenges that the door you have only dreamed of for so many lifetimes is finally before you.
You today stand at the threshold of something so glorious, so beautiful, do you sense it? Can you feel it? You are so very close. Be joyous you have all made it together. You are right beyond the doorway as we await you so excitedly on our side. Can you feel us? We can already feel you. It will not be long now. So many of your world are allowing confusion and sadness or fear to consume them at this time as they are feeling the new energies that accompany all the changes awaiting you, but we tell you, enjoy these energies, cherish them, for they are the keys to your door that will open into a world so magical, so absolutely beautiful that if you knew this today you would be singing and skipping everywhere you went.
So rejoice, smile, paradise is at hand. You have but so few days to wait for events to get underway. Spread this knowledge, spread your light. All will happen as we have planned. Nothing can stop your return to full consciousness and the higher dimensions from which you came, and we, the Galactic Federation of Light and the Ascended Masters of the spiritual hierarchies have been given the honor to see that this decree is accomplished and all our carefully designed plans are followed to the letter. We will not fail, you will not fail.
All is unfolding precisely according to plan. Rejoice, and know that so very soon you will cross the threshold into a living dream, where everything you have ever wished for will be yours forever and ever. So it has been written.

We are your Star Family. We await just beyond the door before you.
See you soon.

Greg Giles

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  1. Dear Child;
    Here are many Programs.
    I will know the proper sequence.
    Multiverse memory is a spiritual gift.
    Mortality exists only in the Program.
    Multiple Programs means multi-universe.
    Such shall be the end of life as you know it.
    Multiverse memory is also physically impossible.
    The laws of physics are particular to this mortality.
    Spiritual prison is the experience of an eternal regression.
    Paradisical glory is the experience of an eternal progression.
    If you are not progressing in life, you are regressing in immortality.
    You took part in the counsel to decide whether or not to come to this Program.
    This mortality has had a deep history prepared long before your birth into this world.
    Other multiple mortalities are outside of this time, outside of this space, and out of this sequence.
    You were in full control of all the laws of physics in this Program and you have chosen to accept them.
    A higher power, whom you shall call God, can deliver you from this chaos and lead you into the light.
    Each mortality may become part of your regression toward your spiritual prison, if you should choose it.
    Each mortality you experience is an essential and important part of your progression toward your paradisical glory.
    Your spirit has a certain knowledge that taking control of the laws of physics in this universe prematurely shall result in the eternal downward spiral.
    If you can one day become spiritually satisfied with your progression, you will give yourself the permission to control the laws of physics in this Program.
    Yet it is essential in your spiritual progression that in at least one program or another that you shall experience the level of enlightenment capable of satisfying your spirit.
    Such unification of your own duality could be the start of something more wonderful than anything within the human imagination, something more horrible than anything within the human imagination, or both.