Just the Facts? Booming Mystery, UFO Encounters and New Bermuda Triangle Anomaly

UFO semakin sering saja muncul pada tahun 2010-2011 ini. 

Just the Facts? Booming Mystery, UFO Encounters and New Bermuda Triangle Anomaly:

Unexplained 'Booming' Noise in Tennessee / Compilation of Other Reports

The Lashbrooke subdivision in Louisville enjoyed a quiet and sun-bathed afternoon on Thursday. The peaceful surroundings of the affluent neighborhood along the Tennessee River lend no hint that its residents suffer from shell-shock. “It’s scary-loud. It’s loud enough that it makes your heart stop for a second,” said Andy Wombold. ”It sounds like a shotgun or an explosion of some kind.” Wombold and dozens of other residents in the neighborhood are unable to say exactly what “it” is. All they know is the mysterious booms have provided several rude awakenings that sent residents scrambling in fear. “Last Monday, about a week and a half ago, it was around 3 a.m. and it was, ‘Pow!’ All the sudden we heard a loud explosion. It sounded like it came from inside our house. It shook the walls. It shook the floor. It shook the ceiling,” said Wombold. “We thought maybe a gas line had exploded and maybe our house was going to blow up. We thought it was really serious,” said Wombold. “It was like lightning struck directly beside the house,” said neighbor Dwayne Jones. ”I jumped out of bed and ran outside. Then I saw a clear sky full of stars and knew it wasn’t lightning. The ground was still shaking for a little bit. It was like a big sonic boom. Just the whole house shakes. I never heard anything like it.” Several residents called emergency dispatchers and Blount County deputies responded to the scene. However, they were unable to find any problems in the neighborhood. Marian O’Briant with the Blount County Sheriff’s Office said deputies also checked with local rock quarries and confirmed there were no blasting operations. Residents said the booms continued for several days. “It would happen in the middle of the night, in the morning, at all different times,” said Jones. ”It was like they would get a little weaker as the days went by, but it was still really jarring. You generally heard one big boom and then a bunch of aftershocks in quick succession. I don’t know if it was an echo off the river or what,” said Wombold. A Tennessee National Guard spokesman confirmed there were no military operations in the area that would create the ground-shaking experience. T-DOT told 10News there are no construction projects in the area that could explain the noise. The USGS said there has only been one earthquake in Tennessee in the last couple of weeks. That tremor only registered 1.4 on the Richter magnitude scale and was in Tiptonville along the Mississippi River. “The other thing we figured is it might have been something with the power lines,” said Jones. “We have these very large lines that go directly through the neighborhood and across the river, but we never had any power outages.” TVA confirmed there have been no problems with the lines near the Lashbrooke subdivision. The mystery may be more difficult to solve as the frequency of the booms decreases. Wombold said it has been a couple of days since he last heard a boom while Jones indicated he has not noticed the noise since late last week. Blount County dispatchers said the last call they received about the booms was last week. - WBIR

Reports of Mystery booming noise growing

Some incidents may be related to meteors but I think the majority of these incidents are a surface phenomena. Meaning faults can be agitated or jarred in a snap-pull or grinding fashion without disturbing the ground but creating an electromagnetic aura of lights or a rumbling sonic boom that propagates through the air in its wake. These incidents are becoming more numerous and are now popping up basically across the globe- an indication that whatever forces are creating these events- could be intensifying. Some mention underground construction, bunkers and tunnels or stealth mystery aircraft as likely culprits but there are documented reports of these incidents in the U.S. that go back as far as the 1850′s. NASA has even heard these noises from across the cosmos and can’t explain them. A spokesman for NASA Goddard Space F. Center said: “There is something new and interesting going on in the universe,” said Alan Kogut of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. See report: NASA noise

You can even find reports of these incidents going back to 1958, where on June 28th, the University of Florida in Gainesville was shaken by a series of unexplained mysterious booms. More than 84 reports of broken windows were reported to police from the incident. Though the incident was investigated by the U.S. military; and presumably blamed on an aircraft- to this day, it remains unsolved. See 1958 News Archive

In 2009, a quiet neighborhood in Minnesota was similarly terrorized by unexplained noises and shaking- Minnesota story. The state of Georgia also reports an incident. See Georgia. It’s happening in Canada. See Windsor. It’s happening in the UK also. See Saffron Waldon. Is this a seismic phenomena as some geologists are now claiming? Some of the reports go back to India to the 19th century as the booms were then called barisal guns. Some experts believe the mystery booms could be related to an explosive release of methane gas from a cavity in the Earth as a result of cosmic rays, a fault slip or movement. They call them mistpouffers. Most scientists are perplexed about what’s actually causing the mystery booms. In light of all the increased number of reports now pouring in from all across the globe, one gets the feeling that some major geological event may be building under the ground. – The Extinction Protocol

Solectrics; a theory explaining the causes of tempests, seismic and volcanic disturbances and other natural phenomena: how to calculate their time and place

Seismic Motion, Lithospheric Structures, Earthquake and Volcanic Sources: The Keiiti Aki Volume (Pageoph Topical Volumes)

Earthquake aftereffects and triggered seismic phenomena


Chile: Alleged UFO Plunges Into Sea by San Antonio

Source: Diario Santiago (Chile)

Date: October 2, 2011

A large number of residents of San Antonio and the Central Littoral were surprised and frightened by the alleged UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) that plunged into the bay.

Area residents who claim having witnessed the strange event, contacted that city's Port Authority by phone. Elements of that agency reported to the site without finding anything anomalous.

Preliminary stories suggested that the event could be due to the natural phenomenon known as "la Tromba" (the waterspout) but the Port Authority discarded that possibility.

Confirmed by Eyewitnesses

Dozens of witnesses attested to the phenomenon. They ratify that a strange object fell from the sky. "It was surprising," they said. The police combed the area but nothing at all was found in the entire area.

The phenomenon, also seen in the beaches of the Central Littoral, caused a commotion among those who beheld it: "It was incredible, out of the ordinary," emphasized a policeman who was on duty in the area and asked that his name be kept confidential.

Witnesses agreed that three large columns of smoke were initially visible, similar to the contrails of a jet aircraft, and gave the impression of a speedy North-South movement. However, they changed course by 90 degrees and fell vertically, with lights similar to flames becoming visible, after which the appeared to vanish. - Scott Corrales - Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

UFO-USO And Extraterrestrials Of The Sea: Flying Saucers And Aliens Civilizations, Life And Bases Underwater


UFO encounter near Machynlleth, Mid Wales

"On Friday 27 April 2007 I was involved in an occurrence that truly scared me, to the point I thought I may even have died, and yet the whole incident remains a mystery.

Driving on the A470 towards Machynlleth, Mid Wales, I had been listening to a CD and then for a few minutes to the radio, before switching it off. It was approximately 9.20pm and it was very dark, with the darkness deepened as many of the country roads in those parts unlit.

I noticed up ahead a group of bright lights, to the side and above the road. There was an orange light on either side of the road, which at first I took to be road lamps (they were at the right height to be). To the outer side of the orange lights were bright white lights and to the centre there were bright white lights above and below the level of the other lights.

At first I was confused as to what it was, then I realised I could see what looked like the image of a wingspan of an aeroplane. The shape extended right across the road and a short length either side.

I now estimate the width to be approximately 50 feet in total. The bright white lights were at the tip of each wing and it highlighted a small vertical construction a few feet in from each tip, between the white and the orange light. This seemed to give it the appearance of an old aircraft, yet the whole wingspan itself seemed made of a smooth shiny material.

There was a bright white light at the centre, just below the wingspan, and also a glowing dome of white above the wingspan, similar in a way to a cockpit, in which I could see the top half of two figures.

My immediate thought was that it was an aircraft, the whole image coming slowly towards me but was clearly getting lower. The white lights on the wings began rocking up and down, appearing as if the aircraft was having difficulty in remaining straight and about to ditch onto the road before me. I didn't really know what to do.

I believed that if it was to land on the road then it would surely be right in front of me or on top of me, but either way I would not be able to avoid a certain crash and I feared for my life.

Those brief moments as it came closer seemed like an eternity, almost happening in slow motion. I checked my rear view mirror but there was no vehicle behind me. There was no place for me to steer the car off the road so I wondered whether my best option was to brake or just to keep on going and hope to avoid a crash.

I gasped a huge sigh of relief as the aircraft passed over me, mightily relieved that a crash was avoided after all. Strangely, as the aircraft passed over the car I can not remember any particular noise, not do I remember seeing any form of tail to the aircraft.

I glanced back and forth between my rear view mirror and wing mirror anxious to see the shape pass fully over, but I could see nothing. I quickly stopped the car and got out; looking back down the dark road I could neither see nor hear anything.

Trying to make sense of it all, I wondered if the aircraft had ditched into a field beyond where I could see in the darkness. So, I jumped back into the car and grabbed my mobile to dial 999 and report the incident to the Police. Realising I did not know my exact location, and therefore not able to direct anyone to the site, I quickly drove a few hundred yards down the road until I came to a sign. I was on the edge of a village called Cwm Llinau.

I dialled 999, asked for the Police (recorded as 9.24pm), and reported what I had witnessed.

The female Police Officer was unable to locate my position as Cwm Llinau was not on her map. I rolled the car slowly forward trying to find something giving the location. Within a couple of hundred feet there was a sign for a small caravan park and I gave the Police Officer the name and area telephone code and number.

The Police Officer told me she would have a police car out to the area but also check with the RAF if there were any aircraft in the area. She kept checking my location and asking details of the incident.

Eventually she came back to me and said that, although there had been a Hercules (an RAF military aircraft) in the area earlier on that evening, there was nothing scheduled there now. I offered to stay in the location to see the Police Officers, but she said it was not necessary.

I sat in my car for a short time to gather my composure, I thought there was going to be a certain crash, one which I may not have survived, and I could only sit and shake with fright, relief and disbelief.

As I was driving home I received a call from the Police. This time it was a male Officer and he checked all the details through with me again and asked me to confirm my location.

By that time I was on the border of Machynlleth, which I confirmed with three teenagers who were passing by. He confirmed that no aircraft reported to be in the area and no other calls had been received reporting a crash. The Police Officer told me that one of his colleagues lived in that particular valley and they were contacting him.

On arriving home in Aberystwyth I was still shaking, which was only to eventually relent after about an hour.

That night I contacted the Ministry of Defence (MoD) at RAF Cosford, Shropshire. They told me that there were no aircraft in the area at 9.20pm and they had not received any incident report.

They stated that there had been a Hercules aircraft in the area, but it was much earlier in the evening, but nothing else. They also commented that there would likely be no aircraft flying as low as I had described as it would be extremely dangerous, particularly with the recent strong winds.

I then contacted Air Traffic Control at Cardiff Airport, who confirmed no aeroplanes had travelled via the Machynlleth area from their airport.

Seeking to find some sort of sense from it all, I contacted the airport in Welshpool. They too confirmed that there were no aircraft in the area, indeed, their landing lights had been switched off earlier in the evening as they were not expecting any arrivals.

On the Saturday morning I contacted Caernarfon Airfield in Gwynedd. Again, I was informed that they had no knowledge of any aircraft being in that area at that time. Infact, they stated that they have no flights at all after dark.

Later on Saturday I went to the Police Station to see if anything else had been reported. They seemed only concerned by the fact that no crash had occurred and so there were no injuries or fatalities. They told me that RAF had a Hercules aircraft in the area at the time I reported the incident, completely contradicting what I was told the night before, and they said that it was a Hercules that I witnessed.

It seemed pointless to argue the point, so I left. The wingspan of a Hercules is 132 feet 7 inches, the aircraft I had seen was less than half that size, at approximately 50 feet in total width. The cockpit on a Hercules lies beneath the wingspan, yet on the aircraft I had seen the cockpit (or what I believe was a cockpit) was above the wingspan.

Although I can not say what the aircraft was, I can not claim with any certainty it was of alien nature. However, it remains 'unidentified' and was a 'flying object', so I have to refer to it as a UFO. With it being a clear sighting at very close range, with occupants being visible, the term for such an event is a 'Close Encounter of the Third Kind'.

What is perhaps worrying is that, despite a clear incident occurring, I have received no contact from the RAF. I can only assume that their philosophy is that if it doesn't show on radar then it doesn't exist, a somewhat worrying viewpoint in these modern times.

So, if anyone out there saw anything around Machynlleth or in the near vicinity on Friday 27 April please let me know. This is a mystery that I would dearly love to solve. In the meantime, the memory of the whole experience lives on, but I count my blessings to still be alive!" - Colin Grethe


Fairies...or something like that

I received this interesting email today:

It was probably 2000, spring, no moon. About 10:30 after the news I went outside to move my PU truck out of the back yard. It was very dark and the lights of the small town, barley illuminated the area. The street light in the back of the yard was not operational at the time, as was the norm. I got to the truck and caught a flicker of light out of corner of my eye. I looked and immediately thought fire flies. I grew up in Kansas farm community on the Missouri border, I knew what fire flies were as we chased them on grandpa’s farm when I was little. I opened the truck door (dome light had never worked) and started to enter the truck, when I glanced back toward the fire flies. Whoaaaa! They were huge (looked to be ping pong ball size) and flying in a very peculiar manner. They were darting in and out of a crabapple tree in the corner of the back yard, almost like dancing. The tree had three main trunks and was wide spread. The hanging limbs were just far enough off the ground for me to mow under it without crouching too much, I am six foot tall. The lights were dropping out of the tree about two feet and darting back up into the tree. I was awestruck, so I slowly walked across the yard (about 80 feet) toward the tree. When I was about twenty feet away the lights disappeared into the tree as if to hide. Fire flies do not do that, also on my approach they were not flashing on and off as fire flies do. I stood under that tree for a long time to see what on earth it was, nothing was there, no lights. I shook off the “whoa that was weird” feeling and headed back to my truck. I got back to my truck and looked back, I then saw three lights flashing on and off at about twenty feet in the air. They were flying in darting motions up and down (dance like)towards a tall tree in the middle of the yard. I again approached the lights but much faster than before, they did not act like they were in a hurry but maneuvered thru the leaves of the tall tree and seemed to disappear in the top of a huge tulip tree between ours and the neighbors house. I stood under that tree for a long time and saw nothing more. I finally moved the truck and went into the house. I stood at the upstairs window for probably an hour looking into the top of that tulip tree and never saw the lights again. That was pretty much it! I told my wife and she said “Fire flies!” that all. It is difficult to explain how astonishing it was. The tulip tree is still there and I often look into that tree hoping for another sighting, but no.

Bill T. - Liberty, Mo.


Bermuda Triangle: New anomalous phenomenon discovered

Recently, American scientists who studied the sea near the famous Bermuda Triangle have found another "anomaly". They saw that the surface waters in this area are literally teeming with a wide variety of viruses. However, the viruses do not represent any danger for humans as they only interested in oceanic bacteria.

The very phrase "Bermuda Triangle" has appeared only recently - it was coined by a fan of Spiritualism and esoteric Vincent Gaddis in 1964. By this toponym he meant an area located between the island of Puerto Rico, the Florida coast and Bermuda. According to the famous mystic of the last century, this area of the Atlantic became notorious due to the fact that hundreds of ships and aircraft disappeared there. Some ships, however, were found later, but without their crews and passengers.

All this made Gaddis suggests that there was some anomaly in this area. However, he was not the first one to express this idea. In 1950 an American journalist Alexander Jones wrote an article about the mysterious disappearance of ships in this region (which he called simply and tastefully - Sea Devil). Yet, the Bermuda Triangle acquired real popularity in 1974, when Charles Berlitz, a popularizer of science, published a book under the same title where he collected descriptions of various mysterious disappearances in the area. The book immediately became a bestseller, and as a result the mysterious and dangerous Sea Devil became known to the entire world. After that different groups of scientists engaged in searching for reasons to explain these disappearances.

However, over time the skeptics slowly gained the upper hand over amateur mystics. No anomalies in this part of the ocean were found, and the U.S. Coast Guard has issued several reports according to which the disappearance of ships in the Bermuda Triangle did not occur more frequently than in other regions of the ocean, and they occurred mainly due to storms. Historians, digging in the archives, found that the area since the discovery of America was very often visited by various vessels, including pirate ones. Until the second half of the 20th century sailors made no mention of it as a mysterious place where ships were constantly perishing. Persnickety journalists analyzed Berlitz's book and found that most of the facts presented by the writer were not entirely true, and some were just made up.

By the 1990s, the interest in the Bermuda Triangle was largely exhausted. Recently, however, scientists regained interest in this area, because they did discover one anomaly there. However, it has nothing to do with the disappearance of ships and aircraft.

A team of U.S. scientists led by Professor Craig Carlson of the Bermuda Institute of Oceanology (St. George, Bermuda) have been conducting oceanographic research in the northwestern part of the Sargasso Sea for ten years, near the Bermuda Triangle and Bermuda islands. Recently a report on the work of the biologists has been published. Especially interesting in this report was the fact that, according to the observations of scientists, most numerous living organisms in the surface layers of the ocean in this region are viruses.
Interestingly enough, the dynamics of these microscopic organisms is directly linked with the seasons. For example, in the summer viruses multiply actively in the water layers at depths ranging from 60 to 100 meters, and their number is up to ten million particles per drop of water. In the winter, sometimes they did not exist in the surface layers at all as they would go into the depths, following their masters.

The researchers analyzed the DNA of the viruses caught and found that 90 percent of them still were not known to science. However, these microorganisms, both known and unknown, did not present any danger to humans. They all belong to a group of bacteriophages, that is, the objects of their attacks are bacteria living in the ocean. Bacteriophages are known to be very old-fashioned and conservative as they do not change their habits, and do not attack other creatures.

To be able to reproduce, bacteriophages lie in wait for unsuspecting bacteria. They attach themselves to their cell walls and enter into the victim's DNA. Furthermore, they integrate into the genome of the bacteria (which is a single circular DNA molecule, lying freely in the cytoplasm and not protected by any walls). This makes them forget about their own responsibilities and focus on producing all the necessary molecules for the assembly of new viruses. This assembly also takes place inside the bacterial cell. When the number of newborn bacteriophages reaches several million, they come from the host cell, effectively breaking it into pieces, and then go in search of new victims.

The organic molecules of the dead bacteria fill the water surrounding them, and since bacteriophages kill hundreds of thousands of cells, it is not surprising that the sea surface in this place turns into a nutrient broth. Other bacteria hurry there for a feed and quickly become prey of cunning virus. This means that the bacteriophages form a microscopic ecosystem where they live.

Other marine creatures, unicellular and multicellular planktonic organisms, also enjoy the fruits of their work. Some are attracted by free nutrient broth, and others - by the bacteria feeding on it. It turns out viruses create a "cafeteria" in the surface layers of the sea. Even whales and dolphins come to eat there (these, in turn, are interested in swarms of krill feeding on microplankton and fish eating krill).

Scientists were amazed by what they saw because they did not know about this role of viruses in the formation of oceanic ecosystems. According to many oceanographers, oceanic viruses are very poorly understood because they are hard to catch. But now it is clear that they are countless in all seas and oceans.

"While we cannot see them with the naked eye, viruses are the dominant form of life in the ocean. They constitute 95 percent of the total biomass of the ocean. That is, the mass of virus is even larger than the mass of krill, fish and larger animals such as whales, combined. Given the pace of virus multiplication and their number, it becomes apparent how important their role in nutrient cycling on the planet is," said one of the authors of the study of biological "anomalies" of the Bermuda Triangle Dr. Rachel Persons.
However, some experts believe that in this case there are no abnormalities specific to the Bermuda triangle as processes involving the viruses are occurring in many areas of the oceans. For example, biologists from the U.S. and Canada investigated the surface waters of the North Atlantic and reported that the most diverse viral community (129,000 genotypes) was found off the coast of British Columbia. The number of these microorganisms is also very high - approximately 50 million particles in a drop of water, which is five times greater than in the Bermuda Triangle. This "virus rage" is explained by the fact that this area has rising sea currents (upwelling), bringing nutrients from the depths of the ocean to the surface. In such areas sentient beings are more abundant and their diversity is higher than in the surrounding areas, and the virus is no exception to this rule.

It appears that the largest "virus carrier" on the planet is exactly in the oceans. It is fortunate that most of microscopic parasites living in it are not dangerous to humans.

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