An Interview with Archangel Michael Tomorrow – from Lawrence

The power of darkness cabals will be destroyed soon. The Intergalactic Council is ready. The Planet Earth will enter a new era. We are the last people who believe though not see. In the new era, Michael Christ, Jesus Christ, 'Isa al-Masih will come again, or his brother, a Magisterial Son will come in person on this planet.  We will see Him.

[Informasi dari "alam lain" kondisinya sekarang, para cabal (para orang kaya dan iblis yang berkuasa ribuan tahun di belakang layar mengendalikan dunia dan sering membuat berbagai kekacauan dan perang demi kepentingan mereka) sekarang resah karena pergolakan di Arab dan sekaligus krisis global dan rencana menduduki Wall Street. Biasanya cabals ini gemar membuat berbagai kejadian untuk mengacaukan kita (mengalihkan perhatian, misalnya dengan aksi teroris untuk mengalihkan perhatian dari korupsi yang besar), sekarang mereka begitu bingung sehingga mereka melakukan disclosure (pengungkapan kasus) sebagai upaya untuk mengalihkan perhatian. Hal ini tentu saja akan melemahkan kekuasaan kegelapan di planet ini.
Kekuasaan kegelapan di dunia ini segera akan dihancurkan. Armada antarbintang sudah siap di atas sana, menunggu dengan tidak sabar, kapan mereka akan melaksanakan tugas mereka menyerbu Bumi dan menangkapi iblis-iblis yang masih bergentayangan di planet ini. Hal ini segera akan terjadi.]

Into the Heart of Darkness

Lawrence, who asked me just to use his first name, has set up an experiment. He determined to have a half-hour session for personal matters with Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon and then give the second half hour over to questions that I proposed.
And he has done that and the results are very gratifying. They are presently being transcribed. I can share a few tidbits with you here and the rest tomorrow.
Lawrence asked AAM how we can prepare for Ascension and, in the course of answering, he said: “If there is not love, there is not Ascension. It is that simple.” And he later added: “It is all about love.” That is indeed clear and simple.
And an extension of that: “Ascension, yes, is a personal decision. Do you wish to shift or not? It is a choice. But it is also a group activity. It is coming together in love.”
Another remark that struck me was directed to us as light warriors: “How do you eliminate the darkness? You love it into submission.” That is good guidance.
Here’s another useful reminder: “When you go to the place of genuine truth, it benefits everybody.” That’s useful for me to hear as a writer.
Here is a comment about overcoming the cabal or sourcing our vasanas or old business: “Now you are taking your sword of light and you are bringing light and love so that all may see into those deep crevices where lies, and hatred, and guilt, and blame are buried so that they can be healed.” Definitely.
The Boss then went on to give a long discussion of what assistance will be given to borderline cases – to people he called the “undecided.” And he outlined lots and lots of help to be made available.
Then Lawrence turned to Disclosure and the Boss said: “This will most certainly take place, it has to, prior to the end of the year. But we are also anticipating that it will take place much sooner than that.”
Then he said something very surprising. It seems that the cabal, which loves to distract us with the picayune, is now finding that protests like the Arab Spring and Occupy Together are getting very worrisome. And in the face of the threat posed by them, guess what? Disclosure itself becomes a distraction!
Here is what the Boss had to say about that:
“Your brothers and sisters of the stars, the fleets that are above you also are impatient. But they will not cross that line if they think it will cause fear and mayhem. That is a decision of the Intergalactic Council. That is what you would think of in your terms as a resolution and we as the other realm .. notice I do not say “higher,” but “other” … we do not override that decision. …
“[The decision] It is in the offices of the highest decision-makers in many of your countries. There has been some waffling back and forth but the subtle underlying pressure for Disclosure is so strong that it is pushing it forward. And frankly what is happening, and it is good timing, is that there are so many areas that are sensitive, shall we say, the occupation of cities, the financial distress, the wars, the oppressive regimes, that many of those who previously were not so anxious to introduce this are thinking that it might be the perfect distraction.”
Imagine the cabal caught in their own trap! They used distraction to keep us down and now we distract them so much that they use Disclosure itself as a distraction. That is ironic.
So we have that to look forward to tomorrow. I will be out of town from Friday morning until Monday evening. I may post a wee bit from Victoria, but generally I’ll be relaxing. The interview with the Boss will come out in two parts – one in the early morning and the other in time for lunch on the East Coast.

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