How did giant pterosaurs fly ?

How did giant pterosaurs fly ?: The basic physics of how giant prehistoric flying reptiles flew has been challenged by scientists. Depictions in books and models of pterosaurs soarin...

Urantia Book said that Adam and Eve fly on big transport birds, but now extinct.

P.831 - §1 The third day was devoted to an inspection of the Garden. From the large passenger birds--the fandors--Adam and Eve looked down upon the vast stretches of the Garden while being carried through the air over this, the most beautiful spot on earth. This day of inspection ended with an enormous banquet in honor of all who had labored to create this garden of Edenic beauty and grandeur. And again, late into the night of their third day, the Son and his mate walked in the Garden and talked about the immensity of their problems.
P.832 - §4 It was near the dawn of their seventh day on earth that Adam and Eve heard the startling news of the proposal of these well-meaning but misguided mortals; and then, even while the passenger birds were swiftly winging to bring them to the temple, the midwayers, being able to do such things, transported Adam and Eve to the Father's temple. It was early on the morning of this seventh day and from the mount of their so recent reception that Adam held forth in explanation of the orders of divine sonship and made clear to these earth minds that only the Father and those whom he designates may be worshiped. Adam made it plain that he would accept any honor and receive all respect, but worship never!

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