A green economy: Is it possible?

A green economy: Is it possible?: Next year is Rio+20. In 1992, leaders of the world gathered in Rio deJaneiro, Brazil, to agree on a different way to develop, and signed the
Earth Charter, as well as other international environmental agreements
including the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

[Urantia Book menyebutkan planet-planet akhirnya suatu waktu nanti diatur sepenuhnya dan dikelola secara sempurna, bahkan matahari juga akhirnya akan dibuat agar bisa menyala selamanya, semua dengan penggunaan teknologi dan distribusi energi. Tantangan pertama planet kita adalah mengelola planet kita sendiri. Mampukah kita?]
P.632 - §3 This settled age continues on and on until every inhabited planet in the system attains the era of stabilization; and then, when the youngest world--the last to achieve light and life--has experienced such settledness for one millennium of system time, the entire system enters the stabilized status, and the individual worlds are ushered into the system epoch of the era of light and life.

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