The Future Of Violence

The Future Of Violence:
Steven Pinker ponders it in an interview with Scientific American:
I suspect that violence against women, the criminalization of homosexuality, the use of capital punishment, the callous treatment of animals on farms, corporal punishment of children, and other violent social practices will continue to decline, based on the fact that worldwide moralistic shaming movements in the past (such as those against slavery, whaling, piracy, and punitive torture) have been effective over long stretches of time. I also don’t expect war between developed countries to make a comeback any time soon. But civil wars, terrorist acts, government repression, and genocides in backward parts of the world are simply too capricious to allow predictions. With six billion people in the world, there’s no predicting what some cunning fanatic or narcissistic despot might do.
Earlier coverage of Pinker's new book here and here. I find it a tonic for the times.
[Buku Urantia mengatakan bahwa perkembangan tiap planet dibagi menjadi era-era dimana tiap era atau jaman ditandai oleh kehadiran tokoh-tokoh pemerintahan planet Bumi. Kehadiran Yesus atau Isa 2000 tahun lalu mengakhiri dan mengawali sebuah era, yang akan segera berakhir. Berikutnya bumi akan diperintah oleh seorang Hakim, a Magisterial Son. Setelah itu akan mencapai era keemasan.]   

Urantia Book said there are planetary epochs, step by step development, until in the end a planet will attain the era of light and life, where there is peace and golden age.

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