Abuse from other universes -- a second opinion

[The Urantia Book said that we live in a family of universes, universe of universes, where there are many big bangs, the nebula explosion, the startup of universes. We live in a well nigh limitless number of planets and universes. Cosmos is very huge. Now the scientists start to find the proof.]

Abuse from other universes -- a second opinion: At the end of last year, there was a flurry of activity from astronomers Gurzadyan and Penrose that considered the evidence of alternate universes or the existence of a universe prior to the Big Bang and suggested that such evidence may be imprinted on the cosmic microwave background as bruises of concentric circles. Quickly, this was followed by an announcement claiming to find just such circles. Of course, with an announcement this big, the statistical significance would need to be confirmed. A recent paper in the October issue of the Astrophysical Journal provides a second opinion.

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