8.5.11 Ashtar: Disconnecting From the MATRIX “Pod”

8.5.11 Ashtar: Disconnecting From the MATRIX “Pod”:
The following is a transmission channeled through Commander Alexandriah Stahr from Commander Ashtar of the Ashtar Command – Solar Star Command on 8.5.11 regarding Freedom From the MATRIX Pod.

Today I bring glad tidings on the continuing process of freeing the Earth and All of Creation from the Duality Reality called the MATRIX.

On 7.27.11 we disconnected humanity from the Dark Soul MATRIX. On 7.28.11 we disconnected humanity from the Cross Link MATRIX. This process will continue for a few more days until All of Creation is free from the “connection” to the Master MATRIXES. The next step is being removed from the MATRIX Pod, which is your personal MATRIX Programming Pod. Remember the movie, where each person had his own container where he was connected to the MATRIX? This is the same thing.

Today 8.5.11 this next step is being taken and will be completed in three days Earth Time. In its place, a Christed Replacement Module will be given so that humanity’s reconnection with the Christ Vibration can begin anew. There will be a new release of energy to raise consciousness within all of humanity. This process of releasing energy and raising consciousness will continue for many years until 2045 when all of humanity alive at that time should be able to hold the Christ Vibration on their own. Until that time, we monitor you closely and support will be given as we continue to release these Christ Vibration Ascension Waves.

Remember even as this process is being done on a Planetary through Cosmic and All of Creation Level, how you experience it personally varies based on how clear you are to receive it. We do this work through our representative, Commander Alexandriah Stahr to prepare the planetary consciousness for the release of the Christ Vibration Ascension Waves we send. For those of you who work with Alexandriah Stahr directly, she prepares you to be more receptive to both the general work that we do and also the higher work that only she can do and you agreed to do to assist her with this process through the Star Teams. In return, you receive the benefit of this work personally through her Star Team Program and we in turn can review and monitor your progress more closely and the progress of humanity more generally. This makes a complete circle as is required by Universal Law. We cannot intervene without the request and the request must come from the dimension requesting it. This is Universal Law.

We have been preparing Alexandriah for this work for many life times. Her connection with us is secure. We need her to request and direct our work from the Earthly Plane and we guide and direct her work from our dimension. This is the technical nature of the Planetary Ascension Process.

Commander Alexandriah Stahr has been preparing for this work for many lifetimes as each of you has prepared for your part in the Planetary Ascension as well. As we have said many times before, personal clearing of your own personal MATRIX Programming is the #1 priority at this time. We are doing our part to make it easier for you but effort and work on your part is also required. Alexandriah continues to upgrade her programs as we direct to make the process as smooth as possible.

We will continue to report on the status of our Planetary MATRIX Clearing Work we do with Command Alexandriah Stahr through this blog.

End Transmission

I AM Ashtar

Commander of the Ashtar Command – Solar Stahr Command

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