7.27.11 Ashtar: Dismantling the Dark Soul MATRIX

Informasi dari Ashtar Command, armada angkasa yang bertugas melindungi tatasurya kita. Info ini bukan dari Urantia Book.

Tahun 2008, sistem yang dipakai Lucifer dan Satan untuk menguasai Bumi sudah dipatahkan. Tahun 2011 terjadi tiga peristiwa penting lagi: sistem-sistem matrix yang menguasai manusia perorangan dipatahkan satu persatu. Semua untuk persiapan menjelang awal sebuah era baru planet bumi.

Lucifer atau Iblis memakai sistem matrix untuk menguasai bumi dan sistem lokal. Matrix ini memprogram manusia dan mengendalikannya dalam sebuah sistem sehingga dapat dikuasai secara paksa. Iblis menggunakan satu matrix master, dan menguasai bumi memakai 3 jenis matrix: matrix untuk orang gelap (pengikut Iblis), matrix untuk orang terang (bukan pengikut Iblis), dan matrix lintas yang mengikat bersama orang gelap dan orang terang. Dari master matrix memiliki semacam panel matrix pods, dimana satu manusia dikendalikan oleh satu pods. Jadi bayangkan sebuah jaringan raksasa, dimana iblis mengikat dan mengontrol semua dan satu persatu manusia. Seperti jaringan komputer raksasa dimana setiap komputer disambung dan dikendalikan secara khusus. Matrix ini berupa sesuatu yang tidak kelihatan namun bisa mengikat dan mengendalikan manusia, sehingga manusia bisa diprogram perbuatan dan pemikirannya. Matrix ini dipakai dalam semua ideologi dan agama, sistem hukum dan ekonomi, politik dan sosial. Matrix ini mengendalikan pola pikir, perbuatan dan psikologi manusia.

Medan energi Matrix gelap ini beda dengan medan energi Christ Consciousness (Spirit of Truth). Vibrasinya dan gelombangnya beda. Sumber energinya juga beda. Iblis mendapat energi dengan cara mencuri dari energi orang banyak.

7.27.11 Ashtar: Dismantling the Dark Soul MATRIX:
The following is a transmission channeled through Commander Alexandriah Stahr from Commander Ashtar of the Ashtar Command – Solar Star Command on July 27, 2011 regarding the Dismantling the Dark Force Soul MATRIX the MATRIX that controls Dark Force Souls
Ashtar: Dismantling the Dark Force Soul MATRIX for Dark Force Souls
Greetings I am Ashtar of the Solar Star Command, formerly known as the Ashtar Command here to bring you updated messages about the dismantling of the Dark Force Soul MATRIX. Early in 2008 the MATRIX controlling Christed Souls was dismantled on a planetary basis, later it was extended through all levels of Creation as reported on 6.6.11. This Master MATRIX, which controlled Christed Souls, was dismantled and all souls within it were disconnected. This led to accelerated clearing potential for all Christed Souls. That process is continuing on personal levels and it enabled all Christed Souls to re-align with Christed Vibrational Levels here on Earth in preparation for the Planetary Ascension.

The time has come to dismantle the Dark Force Soul MATRIX which controls all Dark Force Souls. Dark Force Souls have different energetic fields than Christed Souls and lend themselves more readily to being manipulated for dark purposes. This in turn is why there is a separate and distinct MATRIX for Dark Force Souls which then has its own myriad of MATRIXES and MATRIX Systems within it. This is one of the reasons why there has been such an increasingly noticeable separation of souls who serve the Light and those who serve themselves. It is also why there has been such agitation and increasing violence with the dark force souls on the planet as they know they are in their last days of control and exploitation of the Earth and all of humanity. It is their turn to be disconnected from the Master Dark Force Soul MATRIX which will enable them to make their choice to either return to alignment with God’s Will on the other side of the 2012 Portal or if they will be sent back to Original Creator Source for complete soul recycling.
Today, July 27, 2011 is the day of this major dismantling of this Master Dark Force Soul MATRIX which controls and manipulates the Dark Souls incarnate on the Earth. The dismantling of these MATRIXES will include the MATRIXES all the way up from Planetary through the Cosmic Level to include all of Creation. It is possible to do this work all at once because of the work that went before. The process will continue for seven of your Earth days as we do the work outside of Time and Space. This is a major shift as Dark Force Souls will no longer have access to their Dark Force MATRIX, which is the source of their power…stolen energy from Light Souls. Although this is a major step, they will still operate from their personal MATRIX programming until that too is cleared. This they will have to take personal responsibility for just as every soul on this planet is responsible for transmuting and requalifying all energy that has been released to them and through them. The result will be less resistance to the Light as yet another stage of the Planetary Ascension is complete.

What does this mean to you in your everyday lives? It will mean a major wave of clearing that all will experience. There will be a general sense of relief and relaxation as an unseen hand of oppression is lifted and will activate a wave of happiness and joy unrelated to any particular event in your life. Why do you ask, has it taken so long to release this step? All is in Divine Right Timing and allows for life on your planet to proceed without a complete disruption to your way of life. It is and has been done in steps and waves and will continue this way until all are free in the year 2045.

The upcoming shift through the 2012 Portal is your next important step as we have been saying for the last 20 years as it is the end of the old Dark Force MATRIX controlled reality and the beginning of Freedom in the Christ Vibration to return to your Earth as your planet and the souls on it re-align with the Christ Vibration in a Planetary Ascension.

Those who choose to continue to oppose the Christ Vibration and God’s Divine Plan for the Earth will continue to be removed from power and eventually die off, their souls being extinguished and recycled in the Creation Flames of Mother/Father Creator Source. Only those of the Christ Vibration will be allowed to reincarnate here on the Earth and through this purging of souls within humanity will humanity be able to rebuild the Earth and your societies in alignment with the Christ Vibration and the Divine Plan of Original Mother/Father Creator Source.

Lord Sananda and his Redemption Angels are here to assist souls in re-commiting to the Christ Consciousness and we of the Ashtar Command, now known as the Solar Star Command are here to dismantle the unChristed MATRIXES, Technologies and Grid Systems on both a planetary level and personally with Commander Alexandriah Stahr and her Freedom from the MATRIX Monthly Star Team Program.

We will be communicating more frequently over the next six months to keep you updated on our activities for 2012. Stay focused and aligned as these are the most important days of your lives. Those who work with Alexandriah Stahr directly are being given a most precious opportunity to clear and align directly with our work as we pave the way for this exciting new level of reality.

Know that you are being directed to clear yourselves personally so that you will be able to receive the Ascension Waves as they begin on 1.1.2012. They will lift your consciousness to your next level that you are prepared and ready for. The more you do now to prepare for this shift the more benefit you will receive as the Ascension Waves are released. The time is now to prepare!

To those of you who have been doing the work of clearing and freeing your consciousness over time, the benefits will be many. To those who have done nothing or just filled your minds with intellectual platitudes, major disappointment will be your reward. The work has required your recognition of your limitations and your conscious effort with Divine Intervention to free yourself and build the new consciousness necessary to live in the 13.13.13 Solar New Earth Reality. Until our next communication…End Transmission.

I am Ashtar

Commander of the Ashtar Command – Solar Star Command

Alexandriah’s Commentary On Ashtar’s Message:

I feel an explanation is necessary. All information given to me by Lord Sananda, Commander Ashtar and other members of the Collective Christ is given in their Divine Timing, which only they know. I was not aware until they told me that there is/was a different MATRIX System for the Dark Forces. It makes sense as their energy is very different from Souls of Light. Now that they have taken this next step, a lot of what has been happening in my personal work with clients is making more sense.

The “work” they refer to is the consciousness change work of clearing the MATRIX limitations and gaining an understanding of how things work in the higher dimensions. When they talk about the work they are doing, this is work done in the spiritual realms which then filters down to be felt and experienced on the physical levels. Although it is done outside Time and Space, it is not always felt on the physical level except by those who are able to tune into those levels. All others will simply experience it unconsciously as just another day. It is however what is meant by the phrase, “as above, so below.” There is always a reflection of what is done on the spiritual levels on the physical levels, even if it is just the message about what is occurring on the spiritual levels.

For those who are tuned into these levels, we can feel the subtle shifts and vibrations which affect how we think and feel and then affect our perception of reality and then our actions. The messages I receive from Lord Sananda, Commander Ashtar and the Collective Christ are meant for those of you who are tuned into these levels, whether consciously or unconsciously and are meant to give explanations to the feelings and awareness that you have but may not know what they mean. These explanations are meant to validate impressions you may receive in your own meditations and will give you a bigger picture context in which to relate with them. It is the explanation of how we just know that things are going according to the Divine Plan. To those of you who cannot relate to the true meaning of these messages, they are meant to trigger more awareness in you even if it is on an unconscious level. You will simply receive the energy of the messages and are meant to reassure whoever reads them that good things are happening and that even in the midst of seeming chaos there is a method to the madness in our current day reality.

As Ashtar has stated, he will give more frequent messages over the next six months in preparation for the physical shift through 2012 even though the spiritual shift took place in 2008 as was told in the first blog message posted to my blog in 2008. If you would like to review all of the blog messages from the beginning, they are available in my book: Ashtar and Sananda Planetary Updates: Volume One published in March of 2011. The book is available for sale in my new online bookstore,

I would like to go on record to say that 2012 will bring lots of accelerated change. For those who have been preparing for this time, it will be a relatively easy transition, For those who haven’t, there will be both major skepticism as the physical world will not end. At the same time, many will continue to experience major cleansing and will have their personal reality end. This is the true nature of spiritual change. It comes from within and then allows for change on the physical level. Either way, I want to assure those who are reading this newsletter that God has a plan and we are not alone in this transition. Ask Lord Sananda for help and guidance on a daily basis. As the Christ Teacher for the Earth, it is his job to collect his souls for this transition. Prayers for realignment with the Christ Vibration are in the prayer section of my book: Ashtar and Sananda: Updated Prayers and Messages for 2012 published in November 2010. This book is also available for sale in my new online bookstore,

I AM August Alexandriah Stahr, daughter of Ashtar and Athena of the Ashtar Command – Solar Star Command

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© 2011 Rev. Alexandriah Stahr, Star-Essence Temple

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