10.27.11 Ashtar: All of Creation Grid System Complete

10.27.11 Ashtar: All of Creation Grid System Complete:
The following transmission channeled through Commander Alexandriah Stahr from Commander Ashtar of the Ashtar Command – Solar Star Command giving a Planetary Ascension Update. The “All of Creation Grid System” is Complete and re-connection has begun.

Greetings I am Ashtar of the Ashtar Command – Solar Star Command come here today to give an update on the restructuring of your reality in what we are now referring to as the 3 levels of reality, “Personal,” “Planetary” and “All of Creation.”

I come here today to announce the completion of the “All of Creation Grid System” on all levels of reality. Humanity and “All of Creation” may now re-connect with the Christed Source of “All that is” once again. This re-connection will be according to your alignment and your level of Freedom From the MATRIX.

How will this affect you? The highest levels of reality have been re-structured on the Christ Vibration and is now available to re-connect with. The re-connection is being made for all reality and will be influencing all of humanity to the new level of Christ Consciousness. However, just as before, whatever blocks you have in the way of fully connecting with that level will limit your experiencing the full benefit until that block is removed. What this also means is that as humanity’s spiritual awakening is accelerated, the “Positive and Beneficial” influence of the Christ Consciousness becomes more available while simultaneously the MATRIX influence will weaken.

As we have said before it will be another 30 years before all of humanity is completely FREE from the MATRIX Programming. Those who are on the accelerated ascension path, need to continue your personal work on yourselves to clear away your old programming and develop your access to the new Christ Vibration energies. As you do, increased amounts of Christ Vibration energies will be available to you.

Our technology for doing this is available through our daughter, Commander August – Alexandriah Stahr who as the Quadrant Commander of the Healing Division of the Ashtar Command – Solar Star Command has access to all of our healing technologies for the Planetary Ascension. What that means is that she was sent by us as a walk-in in 1984 specifically to bring the “Freedom From the MATRIX Technologies” to the earth to assist Lightworkers on the Ascension Path to clear their way to these higher realities and make the Karma Clearing – MATRIX Clearing Process easier for those who consciously participate.

When we work with Alexandriah on the higher levels of reality to dismantle the MATRIX and replace it with Christed Infra-structure for the 13.13.13 Solar New Earth Reality, this affects everyone on earth and within All of Creation. However, for those who work with Alexandriah through personal MATRIX Clearing Sessions and are members of her Monthly Star Team Program, they receive the maximum benefit as part of fulfillment of their soul’s contract to participate in the Freedom From the MATRIX Program on a personal level.

For all those who are members of the Monthly Star Team Program, you receive the benefits of what we do both directly and automatically. For those of you who are just reading the blog posts, we only send forth these messages on the most important milestones to assist you in recognizing the progress being made on the Planetary Ascension.

This most recent completion of the “All of Creation Grid System” will influence your personal and planetary economic systems returning to health, as the world economic meltdown was a reflection of disconnecting from the “Source of All That Is” back in September 2005. This “All of Creation Grid System” provides the energetic equivalent of all things material in your world from the Christ Vibration Level rather than from the MATRIX Level. This dismantling of the old MATRIX System, which stole energy from the masses to support the few and the re-structuring of the Christ Vibration “All of Creation Grid System” was a necessary part of the Planetary Ascension.

It is important that you who are the Light Workers recognize the truth of how this is being done and know that you are not being punished or ignored. It is part of the process of change from the old to the new.

Again we encourage you to contact Alexandriah Stahr to become actively involved in the Freedom From the MATRIX Program to do your personal MATRIX Clearing Work and to support her and our work on the earth plane by becoming members of the Monthly Star Team Program. The more people who do their personal work, the faster that the Christ Consciousness can manifest fully on the earth.

We have given Alexandriah several new sessions to further this work. The first of which is a session which re-connects you on a personal level to the “All of Creation Grid System.” Contact her now for more information.

End Transmission

I Am Commander Ashtar of the Ashtar – Solar Star Command

Protector of Planet Earth and Overseer of the Divine Plan as directed by Lord Sananda

For more information about Commander Alexandriah Stahr and her work with Lord Sananda, Commander Ashtar and the Ashtar Command – Solar Star Command, you may go to the following websites:


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