Hypotheses & Mysteries behind Crop Circles

Hypotheses & Mysteries behind Crop Circles:
Crop circles are not made by extraterrestrials, not by creative people, and even not by hummingbirds, at least based to a new theory. Crop circles are designed by Physics. A research in Physics World directs to the origin of the crop circles with the use of modern technology in Earth such as GPS signals, lasers and microwaves.

Crop circles have been there for many years. Fields formations have been reported more than 10,000 instances in the late twentieth century. They have been attributed to anything from paranormal activity to human prankster to the weather factors. Further developing the puzzle is that the crop circles are carried out in secret, often in the dark and usually by pranksters who want to create them appear like aliens were at work. It was not until 1991 that the first crop circle artists confessed to having designed at least a few of the crop circles as a UFO hoax. The scientists were trying to demonstrate just how the art is carried out without any traces left behind by the designers, and everything completed in a single night.

Researcher Richard Taylor of the University of Oregon rejects many traditional answers of the equipment associated in making the circles. Taylor argues that in the contemporary time, planks and ropes (to flatten crops) and perhaps bar stools to jump from one particular location to another undetected, are just overly bulky to create the complex designs people have witnessed today.

Taylor states that the modern time of crop circles are designed using devices presently available today such as GPS monitors and magnetrons to allow the plants to tumble in the pretty precise designs.
Will Taylor's hypothesis be verified? Maybe until a few crop artists move forward and disclose the equipment of the work.

There are just as lots of hypotheses regarding why they are made as there are for how they are built. Many individuals think that crop circles are shaped to educate humanity regarding the universe; that they are a showing instrument, or bigger picture, from a higher being that was delivered to people to help enlighten mankind; a manner for people to open their minds and prepare humanity for terrific happenings which are still to occur.

Another popular hypotheses on crop circles is not so much the design of the circle, but instead the plants that are harvested from the spot. Some believe on 'Super crops' that are developed where crop circles are made. This hypothesis goes as far as to government conspiracy. When crop circles are discovered in the U.S., the authorities takes the property from the farmer. The government then harvests the crops from the place and utilizes the food to supply a team of super defense force. It is claimed that the energy in the plants enhances the individual system.

Another theory claims that the crop circle keeps therapeutic energy. Think about that the earth is bounded by a line of energy. This line is what is utilized to area by aliens or whoever to put the crop circles in particular parts of the Earth. These places are believed by several people to keep therapeutic energy. (c) 2011

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