Brilliant UFO Orbs and Clear Sightings for Fall Equinox

Collection of UFO videos - certainly there are many things up there. Are they planetary observers doing their work as written in the Urantia Book? 

Brilliant UFO Orbs and Clear Sightings for Fall Equinox:
BZ: There was a lot of UFO activity on the Equinox and right before. Big orbs bright colors… Here is a collection of the ones that stood out for me. The first one was sent in by Jason.

Thanks to Jason, watch at .11 when it starts to pulse and glow

Fire in the Sky Giant UFO Orb in Equador 2011

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Video Description:

UFO sighted in Quito Ecuador. Filmed from the central area of ​​San Marcos Quito (Downtown) to the South Rim sector of the city or perhaps on AmaguaƱa Tambillo. This object of red light energy was for 3 hours over the city, it was not a star, made sudden flashes randomly and suddenly disappeared …

Here is a large Orb captured Sept, 22 you can make out small lights over top of main orb

UFO over Greece

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At .6 you can see bright blue Orb then at 1.20 you can see 4 bright blue orbs in holding pattern.

Ismir, Turkey

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UFO over Moscow, Sept 23

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Watch at the .16 mark lower thirds far right craft moves from far right of screen left with slight arc up. Make sure you close the ad banner if it opens because it will cover it up. The title is apt, its a crystal clear shot!

Crystal Clear UFO

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Shaky camera but watch at .6 its unmistakable, as is the mother’s comment “its just a plane, stop, stop elaborating…”

“Oh my God it’s a spaceship!” over Liverpool England

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Look center screen top half at .53 looks circular at first then you can see the full worm shape.

Worm UFO

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Video Description:

On Monday, September 19, 2011, a 37-year-old resident of the United States spotted a “worm like” UFO in the bright blue sky in broad daylight. The observer was able to capture the unusual sight on video. According to The UFO Sights, the amazing unidentified flying object was “crazy looking.”

The video of the event shows a small black speck appear at approximately the 20 second mark (keep your eyes on the upper portion of the image). Although the object is initially blurry and difficult to spot, the UFO gets more defined about 40 seconds into the video.

By the one minute mark on the video, the UFO is clear and easy to spot. It seemed to have round or oval shape at one end with an elongated tail or body extending from it. The object is reminiscent of the scorpion shaped UFO seen over Los Cristianos, Spain earlier this summer.

This unidentified flying object could also be described as looking like a snake, serpent, or Chinese dragon. It doesn’t look like an airplane, helicopter, kite, bird, or anything else you would expect to see flying high among the clouds.

The worm like UFO in the sky moved and turned like a slow moving eel in water. This was truly one of the more interesting daytime UFO sightings in recent memory. Check out the video on the left side of this page. Please use the “Share,” “Tweet,” and “Like” buttons to share with your friends.

Continue reading on ‘Worm like’ UFO spotted in the skies over the United States…

This is an interesting segment on a local news channel about filming a UFO. I lived in Austin TX, for 18 months and spent a lot of time in San Antonio with friends. Suffice to say the locals or the media are not generally open to UFO’s or the idea of our “space family” so that makes this news report and the air time they gave to the footage and the witness all the more interesting.

Man Records UFO in San Antonio

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