As the Cabal Turns in Tighter and Tighter Circles

As the Cabal Turns in Tighter and Tighter Circles:
Again, every possible thing that could happen seems to be happening at this moment, which is why this is called the Time of Chaos, Time of Separation, Time of Troubles.

American troops reported on the move, more military training exercises, some at central DUMBs like Denver Airport, all manner of vehicles sighted on the roads, FEMA active, the American government again running out of money causing more chaos, CERN allegedly surpassing light speed, paradigms falling left and right, bases discovered on this planet and that moon, Elenin approaching, Sorcha Faal spreading rumors fast and thick and many people taking them up unawares, on and on the rumor mill grinds.
As the elite loses more and more ground, it turns in ever tighter circles, whips its tail around, and raises more and more alarm. And why shouldn’t it? This is its last hurrah.
If we as lightworkers allow the dark to whip us into a frenzy, we’re only prolonging the agony. Allow the dark to go, with a loving farewell. Deny them your fear. The greatest military machine, intelligence network, and police structure the world has even seen is dying a fairly-rapid death and looking to take anyone down who engages with it. Just let it go with love.
Regarding various initiatives being currently discussed in discussion groups that the cabal are taking to bring in legislation that favors the dark, I’m not responding with alarm because I believe that what Matthew said a few years back applies today:
“I ask that you keep in mind that in situations where the heavy hand of darkness still is at work, its lingering influence is weakening as each moment passes and the light is steadily growing in intensity. Plans based in darkness will not come to fruition and all cruel and unjust laws, policies and traditions will be struck down and, in their stead, love and fairness will reign.” (1)
There are millions of spaceships surrounding the globe, here to see that the dark never rises again. Allow them to do their work. Help them by sending love and light to the departing ones. And remain calm if possible.


(1) Matthew’s Message, July 4, 2008.

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