2011 the year of OWS

The uprising is not a random coincidence... People are rebelling against a world system that had enslaved them for milleniums.
2011 the year of OWS: The year of 2011 has been the year of uprising worldwide. In September the US began its version of the Arab Spring and the epicenter for the movement was New York City.



Time travel, SETI and cancer research are focus for ASU astrobiologist – Arizona State University

Time travel, SETI and cancer research are focus for ASU astrobiologist – Arizona State University:

Arizona State University

Time travel, SETI and cancer research are focus for ASU astrobiologist
Arizona State University
Other topics covered during the interview were one-way missions to Mars, the importance of continuing to search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) and the importance of imagination to a scientist. Davies also discussed his current research on

seti – Google News

On Gods, Miracles and the Law of Attraction

On Gods, Miracles and the Law of Attraction:

Book Review: “Kuan Yin: The Universe Will Bring What You Want – The Science of Miracles”:

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ET 2012 – Apocalypse of Extraterrestrials

UFO Digest: ET 2012 – Apocalypse of Extraterrestrials:

Alien ET UFO Community Spirit or Game of Life in 2012 Apocalypse by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris

The Alien ET UFO Community or AEUC is a part of us all. We are now going to enter the year 2012. Many of us have been anticipating this year with absolute joy while others are showing concerns, and some are undecided as to what life shall bring this next year.

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NASA looks to 2012 and beyond

NASA looks to 2012 and beyond:

December 13, 2011

CNN's Chad Myers discusses what projects are on NASA's radar for 2012 - including the Mars "Curiosity" rover.

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'Alien Life inevitably Exists due to Universal Law

'Alien Life inevitably Exists due to Universal Law:

'Alien Life inevitably Exists due to Universal Laws - We'll soon Discover it'

RT spoke with Andrey Finkelstein, Director of the Institute of Applied Astronomy about the scientific reasoning behind his controversial statement that in 20 years humanity will discover aliens and they are likely to look much like humans. Follow UFOs and Alien Life on Twitter @

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We'll be talking to aliens -- Within 20 years!-

Aliens Are out There-

Man 'Must Prepare to Meet Alien Life Forms'- h

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Exopolitics: A new way to understand intelligent life in the multiverse

Exopolitics: A new way to understand intelligent life in the multiverse:
NASA: Hubble Ultra Deep Field

“Exopolitics”, the new political science of outer space, is the science of relations among intelligent civilizations in the universe.

by Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd


Top 16 Pictures from Space 2011 | Bad Astronomy

Top 16 Pictures from Space 2011 | Bad Astronomy: Click here to view gallery

Astronomers discover biggest black holes ever (Update)

Astronomers discover biggest black holes ever (Update): University of California, Berkeley, astronomers have discovered the largest black holes to date two monsters with masses equivalent to 10 billion suns that are threatening to consume anything, even light, within a region five times the size of our solar system.

Kepler confirms its first planet in habitable zone of sun-like star

Kepler confirms its first planet in habitable zone of sun-like star: ( -- NASA's Kepler mission has confirmed its first planet in the "habitable zone," the region where liquid water could exist on a planet’s surface. Kepler also has discovered more than 1,000 new planet candidates, nearly doubling its previously known count. Ten of these candidates are near-Earth-size and orbit in the habitable zone of their host star. Candidates require follow-up observations to verify they are actual planets.

Alien planets get pigeonholed

Alien planets get pigeonholed:

Planetary Habitability Lab / UPR
This "periodic table" of exoplanets, including confirmed planets as well as candidates from NASA's Kepler mission, places exoplanets into 18 categories based on mass and temperature. The numbers keep track of how many worlds are in which categories. Click on the image to see a larger, more readable version.
By Alan Boyle
Researchers have set up an online "periodic table" for extrasolar planets ranging from Hot Mercurians to Cold Jovians, with Earthlike worlds right in the middle.
The Habitable Exoplanets Catalog, drawn up by the University of Puerto Rico's Planetary Habitability Laboratory, is aimed at pigeonholing the hundreds of worlds that are being identified by NASA's Kepler space telescope and other planet-hunting projects. Eventually, the tally of exoplanets is expected to mount into the thousands, and that's where researchers hope the proposed catalog will come in handy.
"One important outcome of these rankings is the ability to compare exoplanets from best to worst candidates for life," Abel Mendez, the laboratory's director and principal investigator for the project, said today in a news release.




“The space that you say is empty is not empty.”25 March 2008 HOUR 34 Octaves of Oscillatory Frequencies Saturn Earth Connection

“Space is measured by time, not time by space…space is not empty.” Urantia Book

Whistleblower: WWIII, a war between hostile ETs and humanity, has started

This is time of correction of planet Earth. The final war betwen humanity versus dark alien who had been reigning in this planet for thousands of years.

Saat ini sedang terjadi peperangan terakhir mengalahkan kekuasaan kegelapan yang sudah berkuasa di planet ini puluhan ribu tahun. Kekuasaan kegelapan telah menyusupi dan merusak semua organisasi dan ideologi dan aliran yang kita lihat sekarang, yang pada akhirnya menghasilkan perbudakan planet Bumi dalam kekuasaan mereka. Para alien kegelapan berencana menghancurkan planet ini dan membunuh sebagian besar penduduk. Ini adalah zaman akhir dan awal menuju era baru planet bumi. Diperkirakan 20-30 tahun lagi mereka akan dibersihkan total dari planet ini. Bersiaplah melihat perubahan luar biasa terjadi dalam politik, ideologi dan agama-agama planet ini.

Whistleblower: WWIII, a war between hostile ETs and humanity, has started:

by Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd. Michael Prince, an active duty whistleblower trained to be a cyborg super soldier assassin in SS and MI-6 U.K. intelligence networks, has stated that World War III, a war between hostile extraterrestrial civilizations and the human civilization has started. Armed hostilities between human forces and hostile extraterrestrial forces are now taking place frequently, Mr. Prince states.

An ET false flag operation is also planned
Humans allied with the Grey/Reptilian Military Industrial Extraterrestrial Complex [MIEC] are concurrently preparing a false flag ET invasion, Mr. Prince stated. The negative extraterrestrial-human alliance intent on Earth take-over is referred to as the Military Industrial Extraterrestrial Complex [MIEC].
Superior survival dynamics of homo sapiens
Because of the superior survival dynamics of the human species, Mr. Prince states, human society will defeat the hostile extraterrestrial civilizations that consist mainly of a Grey and Draco Reptilian faction. “It is a dangerous situation,” Mr. Prince states at the end of the interview. “However, all is under control and people should not panic.”
Watch Michael Prince 2011 Probe Conference interview
Mr. Prince’s revelations are contained in a 2 hour 29 minute interview he gave during the March 2011 Probe Spring Conference at St Annes-on-sea, Lancashire, U.K. Readers can access that interview embedded in the article above or at the URL below:


Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels:
We all possess our personal beliefs for whatever reasons. We all have the freedom to believe what we choose. Many who don't believe in what another believes in will demand proof or evidence of their particular beliefs. When it comes to beliefs, if there were any rock-solid evidence and/or proof, that belief would simply become a fact.

 I would like to share a personal story with the Alien-UFO Community. The title of the story is: "Ancient Surgical Procedure Saves 90-Year-Old's Life." The reason why it is a personal story is because it inviolves my mother who is now 93 and still going strong.

 On February 3, 2008 she suffered a cerebral hemorrage. She was rushed to the hospital, underwent an ancient surgical procedure, and I can happily say came through the surgery with all her facualties & mobility. She continues to do fine today.


The Discovery of Life on Mars

5.0 Gulf of Aden quake: Andromeda Council sonic beam destroys reptilian base

5.0 Gulf of Aden quake: Andromeda Council sonic beam destroys reptilian base

USGS - Oct 31, 2011 earthquake, Gulf of Aden, epicenter
By Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd

ED. NOTE: CAVEAT LECTOR - The opinions expressed in this article by interviewees are solely those of the interviewees and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this reporter or Thank you.

Confirmation - Destruction of Reptilian undersea base

In an exclusive Oct. 31, 2011 ExopoliticsTV interview, the human representative of the Andromeda Council stated that a member of the Andromeda Council has confirmed that a 5.0 earthquake reported by the U.S. Geological Survey (U.S.G.S.) to have occurred in the Gulf of Aden at 1:22 am on October 31, 2011 was in fact an effect of a sonic beam weapons attack by the Procyon star system (a member of the Andromeda Council) on a Draco & Hydra Reptilian undersea base located at the same coordinates as the epicenter of the Gulf of Aden earthquake. (See FIG A for U.S.G.S. map setting out the exact epicenter of the Gulf of Aden earthquake).

Andromeda Council: Removal of Dark Undersea Base.

Andromeda Council: Removal of Dark Undersea Base.:
This is RC, ascending Gaian, and I share my Light and Love with All Life as I Live my Life through Love for all Life.

I felt the need to pass on this information about the 6.9 Earthquake of the coast of China, was a direct reflection of the removal of the last Dark’s Undersea Bases. The Andromeda Council lead the way in removing the Dark, and their stranglehold on Humanity. If you want to know more about The Andromedans, please visit


10.27.11 Ashtar: All of Creation Grid System Complete

10.27.11 Ashtar: All of Creation Grid System Complete:
The following transmission channeled through Commander Alexandriah Stahr from Commander Ashtar of the Ashtar Command – Solar Star Command giving a Planetary Ascension Update. The “All of Creation Grid System” is Complete and re-connection has begun.

Greetings I am Ashtar of the Ashtar Command – Solar Star Command come here today to give an update on the restructuring of your reality in what we are now referring to as the 3 levels of reality, “Personal,” “Planetary” and “All of Creation.”

I come here today to announce the completion of the “All of Creation Grid System” on all levels of reality. Humanity and “All of Creation” may now re-connect with the Christed Source of “All that is” once again. This re-connection will be according to your alignment and your level of Freedom From the MATRIX.

How will this affect you? The highest levels of reality have been re-structured on the Christ Vibration and is now available to re-connect with. The re-connection is being made for all reality and will be influencing all of humanity to the new level of Christ Consciousness. However, just as before, whatever blocks you have in the way of fully connecting with that level will limit your experiencing the full benefit until that block is removed. What this also means is that as humanity’s spiritual awakening is accelerated, the “Positive and Beneficial” influence of the Christ Consciousness becomes more available while simultaneously the MATRIX influence will weaken.

As we have said before it will be another 30 years before all of humanity is completely FREE from the MATRIX Programming. Those who are on the accelerated ascension path, need to continue your personal work on yourselves to clear away your old programming and develop your access to the new Christ Vibration energies. As you do, increased amounts of Christ Vibration energies will be available to you.

8.5.11 Ashtar: Disconnecting From the MATRIX “Pod”

8.5.11 Ashtar: Disconnecting From the MATRIX “Pod”:
The following is a transmission channeled through Commander Alexandriah Stahr from Commander Ashtar of the Ashtar Command – Solar Star Command on 8.5.11 regarding Freedom From the MATRIX Pod.

Today I bring glad tidings on the continuing process of freeing the Earth and All of Creation from the Duality Reality called the MATRIX.

On 7.27.11 we disconnected humanity from the Dark Soul MATRIX. On 7.28.11 we disconnected humanity from the Cross Link MATRIX. This process will continue for a few more days until All of Creation is free from the “connection” to the Master MATRIXES. The next step is being removed from the MATRIX Pod, which is your personal MATRIX Programming Pod. Remember the movie, where each person had his own container where he was connected to the MATRIX? This is the same thing.

Today 8.5.11 this next step is being taken and will be completed in three days Earth Time. In its place, a Christed Replacement Module will be given so that humanity’s reconnection with the Christ Vibration can begin anew. There will be a new release of energy to raise consciousness within all of humanity. This process of releasing energy and raising consciousness will continue for many years until 2045 when all of humanity alive at that time should be able to hold the Christ Vibration on their own. Until that time, we monitor you closely and support will be given as we continue to release these Christ Vibration Ascension Waves.

7.28.11 Ashtar: Dismantling the Cross Link MATRIX

7.28.11 Ashtar: Dismantling the Cross Link MATRIX:
The following is a transmission channeled through Commander Alexandriah Stahr from Commander Ashtar of the Solar Star Command on July 28, 2011 regarding the Dismantling of the Cross Link MATRIX.

Ashtar: Dismantling the Cross Link MATRIX

We continue today to dismantle and remove what is referred to as the “Cross Link MATRIX” which is souls both Light and Dark that are karmically bound to other souls cross linked to other souls connected to the Dark Force Soul MATRIX. Think of this as the MATRIX in the Middle which contain both Light and Dark Souls. We started to dismantle The Dark Soul MATRIX yesterday 7.27.11. These MATRIXES are both overlapping and “cross linked.” This cross linking also refers to Dark Force Souls who are looped back into the Dark Force Soul MATRIX through other dark force souls. However the connections are made, the Cross Linked MATRIX is the third Master MATRIX System which traps souls here on Earth as well as throughout creation.

7.19.11 Ashtar: 2012 Update, the last 6 months of 2011

7.19.11 Ashtar: 2012 Update, the last 6 months of 2011:
The following is a transmission channeled from Commander Ashtar through Alexandriah Stahr: Update on 2012, the last 6 months of 2011.

Ashtar: 2012 Update, the last six months of 2011

2012 First Ascension Wave will begin on 1.1.12 and will continue for three weeks into the new year. All those aligned and ready for this 2012 Fist Ascension Wave will experience a major shift consciousness that will prepare each individual for their next step. Since we will be channeling this Ascension Wave through you and your Star Team Program, Alexandriah, you will be focused on preparing people for this shift.

The next few months will be the most important of the last 20 years and will set the direction and vibration for the transition through the 2012 Portal which will remain open until 1.1.2013 at which time the next level of Planetary Ascension will begin and set the direction and vibration for the next 20 years. All of 2012 will be important but the first three weeks will be most important and will be the beginning of the Ascended Earth. Many have thought that 2012 represented the end of the world. This is not and has never been so. It represents the end of the reign of the Dark Forces through the MATRIX on the Earth as it has been decided from the highest level of Creation – Original Mother/Father Creator Source. As this decision filters down from the higher vibrations accelerated change happens on all levels. Although it is immediate on the level of creation, it takes time for change to occur on each progressive denser level of creation, which is why there has been so much change over these last 20 years in preparation for this major consciousness shift called the Planetary Ascension. Once consciousness shifts, physical change follows. Think of it as once a new decision is made, you take action, then you have new manifestation in your reality. Once collective planetary consciousness shift has occurred, the momentum creates physical change and transformation out of the destruction of the old and new reality can be created.

This is what lies ahead. More and more freedom and opportunity to create a better world over time. Embrace it. Prepare for it. It is your destiny.

7.27.11 Ashtar: Dismantling the Dark Soul MATRIX

Informasi dari Ashtar Command, armada angkasa yang bertugas melindungi tatasurya kita. Info ini bukan dari Urantia Book.

Tahun 2008, sistem yang dipakai Lucifer dan Satan untuk menguasai Bumi sudah dipatahkan. Tahun 2011 terjadi tiga peristiwa penting lagi: sistem-sistem matrix yang menguasai manusia perorangan dipatahkan satu persatu. Semua untuk persiapan menjelang awal sebuah era baru planet bumi.

Lucifer atau Iblis memakai sistem matrix untuk menguasai bumi dan sistem lokal. Matrix ini memprogram manusia dan mengendalikannya dalam sebuah sistem sehingga dapat dikuasai secara paksa. Iblis menggunakan satu matrix master, dan menguasai bumi memakai 3 jenis matrix: matrix untuk orang gelap (pengikut Iblis), matrix untuk orang terang (bukan pengikut Iblis), dan matrix lintas yang mengikat bersama orang gelap dan orang terang. Dari master matrix memiliki semacam panel matrix pods, dimana satu manusia dikendalikan oleh satu pods. Jadi bayangkan sebuah jaringan raksasa, dimana iblis mengikat dan mengontrol semua dan satu persatu manusia. Seperti jaringan komputer raksasa dimana setiap komputer disambung dan dikendalikan secara khusus. Matrix ini berupa sesuatu yang tidak kelihatan namun bisa mengikat dan mengendalikan manusia, sehingga manusia bisa diprogram perbuatan dan pemikirannya. Matrix ini dipakai dalam semua ideologi dan agama, sistem hukum dan ekonomi, politik dan sosial. Matrix ini mengendalikan pola pikir, perbuatan dan psikologi manusia.

Medan energi Matrix gelap ini beda dengan medan energi Christ Consciousness (Spirit of Truth). Vibrasinya dan gelombangnya beda. Sumber energinya juga beda. Iblis mendapat energi dengan cara mencuri dari energi orang banyak.

7.27.11 Ashtar: Dismantling the Dark Soul MATRIX:
The following is a transmission channeled through Commander Alexandriah Stahr from Commander Ashtar of the Ashtar Command – Solar Star Command on July 27, 2011 regarding the Dismantling the Dark Force Soul MATRIX the MATRIX that controls Dark Force Souls
Ashtar: Dismantling the Dark Force Soul MATRIX for Dark Force Souls
Greetings I am Ashtar of the Solar Star Command, formerly known as the Ashtar Command here to bring you updated messages about the dismantling of the Dark Force Soul MATRIX. Early in 2008 the MATRIX controlling Christed Souls was dismantled on a planetary basis, later it was extended through all levels of Creation as reported on 6.6.11. This Master MATRIX, which controlled Christed Souls, was dismantled and all souls within it were disconnected. This led to accelerated clearing potential for all Christed Souls. That process is continuing on personal levels and it enabled all Christed Souls to re-align with Christed Vibrational Levels here on Earth in preparation for the Planetary Ascension.

The time has come to dismantle the Dark Force Soul MATRIX which controls all Dark Force Souls. Dark Force Souls have different energetic fields than Christed Souls and lend themselves more readily to being manipulated for dark purposes. This in turn is why there is a separate and distinct MATRIX for Dark Force Souls which then has its own myriad of MATRIXES and MATRIX Systems within it. This is one of the reasons why there has been such an increasingly noticeable separation of souls who serve the Light and those who serve themselves. It is also why there has been such agitation and increasing violence with the dark force souls on the planet as they know they are in their last days of control and exploitation of the Earth and all of humanity. It is their turn to be disconnected from the Master Dark Force Soul MATRIX which will enable them to make their choice to either return to alignment with God’s Will on the other side of the 2012 Portal or if they will be sent back to Original Creator Source for complete soul recycling.
Today, July 27, 2011 is the day of this major dismantling of this Master Dark Force Soul MATRIX which controls and manipulates the Dark Souls incarnate on the Earth. The dismantling of these MATRIXES will include the MATRIXES all the way up from Planetary through the Cosmic Level to include all of Creation. It is possible to do this work all at once because of the work that went before. The process will continue for seven of your Earth days as we do the work outside of Time and Space. This is a major shift as Dark Force Souls will no longer have access to their Dark Force MATRIX, which is the source of their power…stolen energy from Light Souls. Although this is a major step, they will still operate from their personal MATRIX programming until that too is cleared. This they will have to take personal responsibility for just as every soul on this planet is responsible for transmuting and requalifying all energy that has been released to them and through them. The result will be less resistance to the Light as yet another stage of the Planetary Ascension is complete.

Earth is not revolving around the Sun!

Urantia Book mengatakan bahwa Matahari ini bergerak mengelilingi pusat minor sector di sekitar rasi Sagittarius. Dalam ruang angkasa 3 dimensi, berarti kita yang di bumi juga ikut bergerak juga dalam lintasan yang sangat unik. Inilah penjelasan seorang ahli.
Earth is not revolving around the Sun!:
Sun is moving and travelling, Earth is moving too, in spiralling path. Matahari bergerak tidak diam dalam ruang angkasa, maka planet-planet bergerak juga dalam ruang 3 dimensi, maka seharusnya seperti ini penjelasannya.
Earth is not revolving around the Sun! - YouTube
A fascinating, startling theory hypothesized by Nassim Haramein


A green economy: Is it possible?

A green economy: Is it possible?: Next year is Rio+20. In 1992, leaders of the world gathered in Rio deJaneiro, Brazil, to agree on a different way to develop, and signed the
Earth Charter, as well as other international environmental agreements
including the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

[Urantia Book menyebutkan planet-planet akhirnya suatu waktu nanti diatur sepenuhnya dan dikelola secara sempurna, bahkan matahari juga akhirnya akan dibuat agar bisa menyala selamanya, semua dengan penggunaan teknologi dan distribusi energi. Tantangan pertama planet kita adalah mengelola planet kita sendiri. Mampukah kita?]
P.632 - §3 This settled age continues on and on until every inhabited planet in the system attains the era of stabilization; and then, when the youngest world--the last to achieve light and life--has experienced such settledness for one millennium of system time, the entire system enters the stabilized status, and the individual worlds are ushered into the system epoch of the era of light and life.


The Fall of the Illuminati Appears Near

The Fall of the Illuminati Appears Near:

Typical Deep Underground Military Bunker (DUMB)
Our knowledge of what happened at the deep underground military bunkers in late August 2011 continues to expand and suggests that this was a watershed event in the defeat of the Illuminati on this planet.

Suzanne Lie Predicts Exit of Dark Underground ETs on 11-11-11

Suzanne Lie Predicts Exit of Dark Underground ETs on 11-11-11:
As with much material coming out today, I cannot vouch for the accuracy of Suzanne Lie’s [Suzann Carrol's] prediction that the dark extraterrestrials living underground will leave on 11-11-11. But Matthew Ward has said that “the non-lighted beings from other civilizations who are living on the planet will be leaving soon because their bodies cannot survive in the vibratory levels the planet is traveling toward.” (1)
And we do know from SaLuSa that “you are to witness a great wave of love and joy sweep over the world” on 11-11-11. (2) He adds:
“11.11.11 will bring about a great leap forward that many will actually experience. It will be the commencement of a new period that will bring more changes in your levels of consciousness. It will continue and put you well on the path to Galactic Consciousness.” (3)
It also fits with the recent forced closure of several Illuminati deep bunkers, an act which, like few others, illustrates that the cabal has been overpowered. On that basis, I add Suzanne’s discussion of another and welcome aspect to 11-11-11.

Do Aliens Live Underground?

Analisis bahwa saat ini (2011) kekuatan kegelapan sudah dipatahkan. Diperkirakan tahun ini juga alien yang tinggal di bawah tanah planet kita akan pergi. Ada dua ras alien jahat yang menjadi iblis dan setan di planet ini, ras reptoid (bangsa reptil) dan ras greys (kecil gundul yang kita lihat gambarnya).  
Do Aliens Live Underground?:
Yesterday, we posted Suzanne Lie’s prediction that the dark underground extraterrestrials would be leaving by 11-11-11. One of the statements she made was that most people don’t even know a war was being fought or that aliens live underground. Undoubtedly most do not so I wanted to give a little background on the subject.
Phil Schneider called that war the “alien wars.” He may have been killed for revealing details about it or about the Dulce, NM, deep underground bunker that he was helping to build. He came upon a large alien Grey species in late August 1979 in the course of drilling the Dulce site. He said they had been encamped there for perhaps 4-500 years.
(See Alien photos if you want to see them)


Color in the Mosaic of Life

PhotobucketColor in the Mosaic of Life:
Teacher Ophelius:

A list subscriber wrote in after the message, "There Will Come a Time," asking about what the state of consciousness will be like on the planet with regard to gay men and women after the shift when the earth enters into the beginning stages of Light and Life. Before I answer this, let us zoom out a bit and look at the state of consciousness for life in the worlds to come--morontial and spirit life.

The lifespan on your world (third dimension) on average is about 70 to 80 years. This is a very, very brief time as compared to eternity--you are only passing through, so to say, and in this brief time period, and on this world is the only place you, as a personality, will have sexual reproductive capability which defines you as male and female. Once on the mansion worlds and beyond, the reproductive organs will no longer be a part of your physiology. From that point on, you will be wholly recognized by your personalities. Whatever is truly "inside" will show forth on the "outside." If you are compassionate, kind, and full of love for others, your physical form will reflect that beauty. If you are egocentric, cold, uncaring, dismissive, fearful, this will show up in the physical form as less beautiful and as it is said, "all will be revealed."

The Universal Father cares for and deeply loves all of his children, and as such, He looks into the heart of each individual to see their true intentions and motives, their life experiences, and their spiritual progress. God is little concerned about the sexual natures, practices, or orientations of his creatures or the social mores set in place by which those creatures govern themselves. That is a part of evolution, and the discrimination of those who appear "different" from the fold will fade in time as each generation becomes more spiritual or more "God-like" in awareness. Just as there are an infinite amount of points between opposites, so too are there an infinite amount of personality types between "maleness" and "femaleness." Even on the mansion worlds and beyond, you as a person, will retain this "maleness" or "femaleness" in personality nature.

Now to answer the question first posed: A world that has achieved Light and Life status will have a population that is more evolved spiritually; will understand the ascension plan and will be more in touch with their Indwelling Spirit. People in this age will educate their children at an early age how to treat others--with kindness, compassion, respect, and not to judge others because they are different. These will be a people who are preparing for their next life who are concerned about progress of the individual and progress of the whole of humanity. Yes, there will still be gay individuals in this era and they will no longer be an object of controversy or prosecution, just another color in the mosaic of life on a world that is celebrating the glory of the age of Light and Life--a unique personality, a unique aspect of the Creator's intention--a part of the whole.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven


Teacher Ophelius:
Today's lesson is about "perfection" and what it means to you as humans living on an evolutionary world. Perfection is a goal my friends, and it is something to strive for and something to attain incrementally in small amounts as you progress from age to age and from one world to another in your ascension career. It is the divine answer to the call of the Creator, "Be you perfect, as I AM perfect." All those who choose the paradise path to perfection and seek membership in the Corps of the Finality shall achieve it through the transformation of self (unique personality--identity) from a state of imperfection to a God-like state of perfection.


Learn Remote Viewing Methods – Discover A New World!

Learn Remote Viewing Methods – Discover A New World!:
It is no secret that there are differences among remote viewing methods and techniques. For those that are not familiar with this concept, remote viewing is the ability to see or view a particular object solely through the power of concentrating with the human mind. In a way, this can be compared to an out of body experience or astral projection. But, remote viewing is not the same thing as these other two concepts. Instead, remote viewing is a natural psychic and extra sensory abilities of perception that can be developed into an actual skill.

Abuse from other universes -- a second opinion

[The Urantia Book said that we live in a family of universes, universe of universes, where there are many big bangs, the nebula explosion, the startup of universes. We live in a well nigh limitless number of planets and universes. Cosmos is very huge. Now the scientists start to find the proof.]

Abuse from other universes -- a second opinion: At the end of last year, there was a flurry of activity from astronomers Gurzadyan and Penrose that considered the evidence of alternate universes or the existence of a universe prior to the Big Bang and suggested that such evidence may be imprinted on the cosmic microwave background as bruises of concentric circles. Quickly, this was followed by an announcement claiming to find just such circles. Of course, with an announcement this big, the statistical significance would need to be confirmed. A recent paper in the October issue of the Astrophysical Journal provides a second opinion.

UFO Sightings, CIA Documents, Six of the Agency's Strangest UFO Cases

Urantia Book said the Planet Urantia has a planetary government and angelic army and transports. Are the UFOs coming from them ... or not?

UFO Sightings, CIA Documents, Six of the Agency's Strangest UFO Cases:
Six of the CIA's strangest UFO Files


Just the Facts? Booming Mystery, UFO Encounters and New Bermuda Triangle Anomaly

UFO semakin sering saja muncul pada tahun 2010-2011 ini. 

Just the Facts? Booming Mystery, UFO Encounters and New Bermuda Triangle Anomaly:

Woman has 20 personalities

Woman has 20 personalities: Kim Noble suffers from a rare condition known as split personality disorder and has over 20 alter egos. Kim's personalities can come forward and take ...

Personality is unique characteristics of a man, angels, or God. Personality is unique. No one has the same personality.
We can communicate and talk only with a person. A person has name, has unique characteristics, unique and special.
Trillions over trillions beings each have different personalities.
Who created personalities? God the Father. Personality is a gift of Universal Father. He is the first and source of all personality.
God is Persons. God in Paradise is one God but has three different Personality: Father, Son, and Spirit. Father is source and center of all personalities. Son is center of all spiritual realms. Spirit is center of mind. Paradise is the center of matter and gravity. Personality, Spirit, Mind, and Matter are the fundamental of all we see, the universe we know today.

P.5 - §9 God--the Universal Father--is the personality of the First Source and Center and as such maintains personal relations of infinite control over all co-ordinate and subordinate sources and centers. Such control is personal and infinite in potential, even though it may never actually function owing to the perfection of the function of such co-ordinate and subordinate sources and centers and personalities.
P.5 - §18 7. The potential personality of an evolutionary moral being or of any other moral being is centered in the personality of the Universal Father.
P.6 - §2 In this original transaction the theoretical I AM achieved the realization of personality by becoming the Eternal Father of the Original Son simultaneously with becoming the Eternal Source of the Isle of Paradise. Coexistent with the differentiation of the Son from the Father, and in the presence of Paradise, there appeared the person of the Infinite Spirit and the central universe of Havona. With the appearance of coexistent personal Deity, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit, the Father escaped, as a personality, from otherwise inevitable diffusion throughout the potential of Total Deity. Thenceforth it is only in Trinity association with his two Deity equals that the Father fills all Deity potential, while increasingly experiential Deity is being actualized on the divinity levels of Supremacy, Ultimacy, and Absoluteness

How did giant pterosaurs fly ?

How did giant pterosaurs fly ?: The basic physics of how giant prehistoric flying reptiles flew has been challenged by scientists. Depictions in books and models of pterosaurs soarin...

Urantia Book said that Adam and Eve fly on big transport birds, but now extinct.

P.831 - §1 The third day was devoted to an inspection of the Garden. From the large passenger birds--the fandors--Adam and Eve looked down upon the vast stretches of the Garden while being carried through the air over this, the most beautiful spot on earth. This day of inspection ended with an enormous banquet in honor of all who had labored to create this garden of Edenic beauty and grandeur. And again, late into the night of their third day, the Son and his mate walked in the Garden and talked about the immensity of their problems.
P.832 - §4 It was near the dawn of their seventh day on earth that Adam and Eve heard the startling news of the proposal of these well-meaning but misguided mortals; and then, even while the passenger birds were swiftly winging to bring them to the temple, the midwayers, being able to do such things, transported Adam and Eve to the Father's temple. It was early on the morning of this seventh day and from the mount of their so recent reception that Adam held forth in explanation of the orders of divine sonship and made clear to these earth minds that only the Father and those whom he designates may be worshiped. Adam made it plain that he would accept any honor and receive all respect, but worship never!

Are aliens part of God's plan, too ?

Are aliens part of God's plan, too ?: If intelligent alien life were to be discovered, what impact would this have on religion ? It's a question that has been discussed by philosophers, sc...

Urantia Book said we (planet Urantia) is member of vast family of inhabited worlds. We are member of infinite number of aliens world!  
P.183 - §1 Your planet is a member of an enormous cosmos; you belong to a well-nigh infinite family of worlds, but your sphere is just as precisely administered and just as lovingly fostered as if it were the only inhabited world in all existence.
P.396 - §1 Life does not originate spontaneously. Life is constructed according to plans formulated by the (unrevealed) Architects of Being and appears on the inhabited planets either by direct importation or as a result of the operations of the Life Carriers of the local universes. These carriers of life are among the most interesting and versatile of the diverse family of universe Sons. They are intrusted with designing and carrying creature life to the planetary spheres. And after planting this life on such new worlds, they remain there for long periods to foster its development.


6 Wild Ideas from DARPA's Starship Conference

6 Wild Ideas from DARPA's Starship Conference: The stars are so far, and humans' current space-travel range so limited, that it could take 100 years or more to even design a ship to travel interstellar distances. This weekend in Florida, though, dreamers gathered at a DARPA conference to take the first step: Batting around crazy ideas for how humanity could colonize the galaxy.


Uranus got double-tapped? | Bad Astronomy

(For Urantia Book explanation see bottom. Urantia Book said our solar system came from big bang nebula Andronover 875 billion years ago, created our sun star Monmatia. Then 4.5 billion years ago came closer  the Angona system which drew parts of the sun and created solar system today.)
Uranus got double-tapped? | Bad Astronomy:
One of the enduring mysteries of our solar system is why Uranus is tilted over on its side. If you measure the angle of a planet’s rotation axis (the location of its north pole) compared to the plane of its orbit, you find that all the planets in the solar system are tipped. Jupiter is only 3°, but Earth is at a healthy 23° angle; Mars is too. Venus is tipped so far over it’s essentially upside-down (we know this because it spins the wrong way).
Uranus, weirdly, is at 98°, like it’s rolling around the outer solar system on its side. The best guess is that it got hit hard by something planet-sized long ago, knocking it over (though there are other, more speculative, ideas). The problem with that is that its moons and rings all orbit around its equator, meaning their orbital planes are tipped as well. It’s hard to see how that might have happened, even if you assume the moons formed in that collision (as, apparently, our Moon formed in an ancient grazing impact with Earth by a Mars-sized body).

An Interview with Archangel Michael Tomorrow – from Lawrence

The power of darkness cabals will be destroyed soon. The Intergalactic Council is ready. The Planet Earth will enter a new era. We are the last people who believe though not see. In the new era, Michael Christ, Jesus Christ, 'Isa al-Masih will come again, or his brother, a Magisterial Son will come in person on this planet.  We will see Him.

[Informasi dari "alam lain" kondisinya sekarang, para cabal (para orang kaya dan iblis yang berkuasa ribuan tahun di belakang layar mengendalikan dunia dan sering membuat berbagai kekacauan dan perang demi kepentingan mereka) sekarang resah karena pergolakan di Arab dan sekaligus krisis global dan rencana menduduki Wall Street. Biasanya cabals ini gemar membuat berbagai kejadian untuk mengacaukan kita (mengalihkan perhatian, misalnya dengan aksi teroris untuk mengalihkan perhatian dari korupsi yang besar), sekarang mereka begitu bingung sehingga mereka melakukan disclosure (pengungkapan kasus) sebagai upaya untuk mengalihkan perhatian. Hal ini tentu saja akan melemahkan kekuasaan kegelapan di planet ini.
Kekuasaan kegelapan di dunia ini segera akan dihancurkan. Armada antarbintang sudah siap di atas sana, menunggu dengan tidak sabar, kapan mereka akan melaksanakan tugas mereka menyerbu Bumi dan menangkapi iblis-iblis yang masih bergentayangan di planet ini. Hal ini segera akan terjadi.]

Into the Heart of Darkness

The Future Of Violence

The Future Of Violence:
Steven Pinker ponders it in an interview with Scientific American:
I suspect that violence against women, the criminalization of homosexuality, the use of capital punishment, the callous treatment of animals on farms, corporal punishment of children, and other violent social practices will continue to decline, based on the fact that worldwide moralistic shaming movements in the past (such as those against slavery, whaling, piracy, and punitive torture) have been effective over long stretches of time. I also don’t expect war between developed countries to make a comeback any time soon. But civil wars, terrorist acts, government repression, and genocides in backward parts of the world are simply too capricious to allow predictions. With six billion people in the world, there’s no predicting what some cunning fanatic or narcissistic despot might do.
Earlier coverage of Pinker's new book here and here. I find it a tonic for the times.
[Buku Urantia mengatakan bahwa perkembangan tiap planet dibagi menjadi era-era dimana tiap era atau jaman ditandai oleh kehadiran tokoh-tokoh pemerintahan planet Bumi. Kehadiran Yesus atau Isa 2000 tahun lalu mengakhiri dan mengawali sebuah era, yang akan segera berakhir. Berikutnya bumi akan diperintah oleh seorang Hakim, a Magisterial Son. Setelah itu akan mencapai era keemasan.]   

Urantia Book said there are planetary epochs, step by step development, until in the end a planet will attain the era of light and life, where there is peace and golden age.


Best business advice you may ever hear of

Best business advice you may ever hear of:

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. 
Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. 
Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. 
And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

"Waktu Anda terbatasjadi jangan sia-siakan dengan menjalani hidup orang lain.

Jangan terperangkap oleh dogma (akidah) - yaitu hidup dari hasil pemikiran orang lain.

Jangan biarkan suara pendapat orang lain menenggelamkan suara batin Anda sendiri.

Dan yang paling penting, miliki keberanian untuk mengikuti hati dan intuisiEntah bagaimana batin kita sudah tahu apa yang Anda benar-benar inginkanSegala sesuatu yang lain adalah sekunder"

These are words By Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs: Imitated, Never Duplicated

Time is limited……….. for business and life.

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How Common are Terrestrial, Habitable Planets Around Sun-Like Stars?

How Common are Terrestrial, Habitable Planets Around Sun-Like Stars?:

Artist concept of the Kepler telescope in orbit. Image Credit: NASA
Once again news from the Kepler mission is making the rounds, this time with a research paper outlining a theory that Earth-like planets may be more common around class F, G and K stars than originally expected.

Exoplanets seen by Hubble in 1998 finally revealed | Bad Astronomy

Exoplanets seen by Hubble in 1998 finally revealed | Bad Astronomy:
In 1998, the Hubble Space Telescope was pointed at HR 8799, in hopes of seeing any potential planets that might be orbiting that nearby, Sun-like star. None were found… but in 2008 images using the Gemini telescope found several planets orbiting HR 8799. In fact, four planets were discovered there!


Pleiadian Messages 10/4/11

Some messages from other world. Not connected directly with The Urantia Book but parallel and similar messages: Don't worry. The universe know everything, they care us. Everythings has a purpose. In our life now we are experiencing our life specifically designed for us to learn from. Everything is going on to be our good.
[Pesan ini tidak terkait langsung dengan Buku Urantia, tetapi punya pesan yang sama. Kita mengalami semua karena semua ada tujuannya untuk sarana kita belajar.]

Pleiadian Messages 10/4/11:
All follow, or will follow the path. Before one incarnates, a blueprint is mapped out for one’s journey through the challenges and triumphs of duality. Never before has so many accepted such a rigorous test, and the results are nothing short of spectacular. Keep in mind that all have agreed to experience just what they have experienced, and nothing anyone has encountered was not agreed to beforehand. All is as it should be, and all has been designed to test and strengthen one’s character and resolve. You all are doing so marvelously. Soon you will all graduate to a higher area to learn and to grow. That is what it is all about, that is why you chose to come here in the first place. Although at times it seems that all makes no sense, and that all the hardships and sadness is for naught, we tell you everything has its purpose.

Feynman explains beauty and science

Feynman explains beauty and science:

Here's Richard Feynman monologing about the way that science creates new ways to appreciate the beauty of the world around us. Inspiring stuff, and the accompanying video is nicely apt. (via Kottke)


Jesus: The Times of War and Struggle are Drawing To a Close

Jesus: The Times of War and Struggle are Drawing To a Close:

The Times of War and Struggle are Drawing To a Close

Jesus through John Smallmen October 2, 2011

Particle Physics and Faster-Than-Light Neutrinos…Discuss.

[Urantia Book said there are angels who can travel two or three times faster than light. Still there are others who can travel much more faster than light. Speed of light is 186,282 miles per second.

P.260 - §6 The universe is well supplied with spirits who utilize gravity for purposes of transit; they can go anywhere any time--instanter--but they are not persons. Certain other gravity traversers are personal beings, such as Gravity Messengers and Transcendental Recorders, but they are not available to the super- and the local universe administrators. The worlds teem with angels and men and other highly personal beings, but they are handicapped by time and space: The limit of velocity for most nonenseraphimed beings is 186,280 miles of your world per second of your time; the midway creatures and certain others can, often do, attain double velocity--372,560 miles per second--while the seraphim and others can traverse space at triple velocity, about 558,840 miles per second.

Co-Creation, Mind Control, and Subjective Reality

[About reality, co-creation, and domination-submission structure. We co-create reality together as a team. Don't use mind control or domination-submission.]

Co-Creation, Mind Control, and Subjective Reality:
I often prep for upcoming workshops by walking around my house talking out loud, as if I’m speaking to an audience. It’s not the ideas I’m trying to polish though. I do this to get better at being in the flow of inspiration as I communicate, maintaining the right balance of head and heart. Inevitably I’ll express the ideas differently at the actual workshop, but the flow of inspiration will feel similar to what I practiced in private.

10 Reasons You Should Never Have a Religion

[People need a better religion, a spiritual religion, not formal-organized religion...]
10 Reasons You Should Never Have a Religion:
While consciously pursuing your spiritual development is commendable, joining an established religion such as Christianity, Islam, or Hinduism is one of the worst ways to go about it. In this article I’ll share 10 reasons why you must eventually abandon the baggage of organized religion if you wish to pursue conscious living in earnest.

Materialists and spiritualists : their errors

Materialists and spiritualists : their errors:

"There is nothing to be greatly admired in the many brilliant, wealthy and powerful people who place no importance on the life of the soul and spirit. Because they do not seek spiritual nourishment, which alone could fulfil them, they are like starving beasts; and their ambition, their voracity and their greed finally lead them down paths that are dangerous both for themselves and for those around them. Unfortunately, many so-called spiritualists do not conduct themselves any better: they try to gain the same success as the materialists by the means given to them by initiatic science. In doing so they betray the most sacred principles and are thus even guiltier than the materialists. It is clear that they are satisfied and proud of succeeding by these means, but heaven, which does not like to be used for egotistical ends, will demand an accounting one day, and they will be severely punished." Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov


Cosmic Thread That Binds Us Revealed

Cosmic Thread That Binds Us Revealed: Astronomers at The Australian National University have found evidence for the textile that forms the fabric of the Universe.

In findings published in the October Astrophysical Journal, the researchers discovered proof of a vast filament of material that connects our Milky Way galaxy to nearby clusters of galaxies, which are similarly interconnected to the rest of the Universe.

The team included Dr. Stefan Keller, Dr. Dougal Mackey and Professor Gary Da Costa from the Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics at ANU.

"By examining the positions of ancient groupings of stars, called globular clusters, we found that the clusters form a narrow plane around the Milky Way rather than being scattered across the sky," Dr. Keller said.

A Religious Deception?

A Religious Deception?:

Back in late 2010, probably the most controversial book I have ever written was published: Final Events and the Secret Government Group on Demonic UFOs and the Afterlife. The book told the story of an officially-funded think-tank – the Collins Elite – that concluded rather than coming from outer space, UFOs are – literally – the deceitful and deceptive tools of Satan. Controversial? Of course!

But perhaps the most controversial aspect of the book was that which suggested certain elements of officialdom have contemplated using religious charades – possibly even in the form of elaborate, aerial holograms – to influence the mindset and religious-based belief-systems of the populace.
This is made all the more interesting by the fact that in the wake of the publication of Final Events I secured a copy of an April 14, 1950 RAND publication titled The Exploitation of Superstitions for Purposes of Psychological Warfare, written by Jean M. Hungerford, for the attention of the U.S. Air Force. The 37-page document is an extremely interesting one and delves into some highly unusual areas – one of which may have a bearing upon the data contained in Final Events.
Indeed, one particular aspect of the document states:
“Recently a series of religious ‘miracles’ has been reported from Czechoslovakian villages. In one instance the cross on the alter of a parish church was reported to have bowed right and left and finally, symbolically, to the West; the ‘miracle’ so impressed the Czechs that pilgrims began to converge on the village from miles around until Communist officials closed the church and turned the pilgrims away from approaching roads. In another instance, the Virgin Mary was said to have appeared in a vision and to have struck unconscious a local Communist. Finally, a report from Western Bohemia even stated that the Virgin Mary had been seen waving an American flag and followed by American tanks and troops [Note from Nick Redfern: Italics mine for emphasis]”

A Universe Awaits! Experimenting With Out Of Body Experience

Technique to experience and see universe and other dimensions. A Universe Awaits! Experimenting With Out Of Body Experience:
An out of body experience, also called an OBE, is a scientifically proven phenomenon where a person seems to be floating outside of his physical body. This experience is common in near death situations but it also occurs at other times.


MIND Reviews: The Mind: Leading Scientists Explore the Brain, Memory, Consciousness, and Personality

MIND Reviews: The Mind: Leading Scientists Explore the Brain, Memory, Consciousness, and Personality:

The Mind: Leading Scientists Explore the Brain, Memory, Consciousness, and Personality Edited by John Brockman. Harper Perennial, 2011


Instant Expert: The atomic nucleus

Instant Expert: The atomic nucleus: The past century has been called "the nuclear age" – but, as Phil Walker explains in our latest expert guide, the atomic nucleus still hides many mysteries

Simulating the universe

Simulating the universe:

Behold the magnificence of the Bolshoi, apparently the most accurate computer simulation of the universe ever. The researchers from the University of California High-Performance Astrocomputing Center (wow!) and New Mexico State University just started releasing data from the simulation this month, leading to new insights about the formation of galaxies, dark matter, and dark energy. The visualization above, depicting dark matter in 1/1000 of the entire cosmological simulation, was also seen in Bjork's Biophilia performance. From UC Santa Cruz:


Capturing the Beauty Of The Milky Way at Midnight

Capturing the Beauty Of The Milky Way at Midnight:


Photographer captures beauty of the Milky Way

DailyMail, September 21, 2011

The Roots of Christian Zionism: Part I, The Cause of the Conflict

Christian zionism (Jewish idea of material physical kingdom of God and world political power such as King David did) is the reason of war, and why the Christians need to go back to Jesus (who proclaimed a spiritual kingdom of God in the hearts of men). The Urantia Book said human being must go back to Jesus's original gospel!
Kristen zionis menganut pandangan Yahudi tentang kerajaan Allah yang fisik dengan wilayah bumi, dan menurut analisis mungkin inilah alasan terselubung mengapa negara barat menggempur negara-negara Islam saat ini. Kristen harus kembali pada Yesus yang mengajarkan Kerajaan Allah yang spiritual dalam batin manusia! Buku Urantia menganjurkan manusia kembali pada ajaran Yesus atau Isa yang semula.
The Roots of Christian Zionism: Part I, The Cause of the Conflict:

Christian Zionists, by whatever name, are the primary public enablers of serial wars upon Islamic states. Why? Because they have been conditioned to think of Islam as an anathema to them, much as many of us were trained to consider communists our ideological enemies a generation ago. Most Christian celebrity media leaders have allowed themselves to be used as propagandists against Islamic states with independent governments, including Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Somalia, Bosnia, and in the future, Islamic states of Iran and Sudan. Our purpose is to examine why and how this has been done, why it is wrong and what can be done to correct it.


Knowledge and Impartation

Knowledge & Truth
In the universal regime you are not reckoned as having possessed yourself of knowledge and truth until you have demonstrated your ability and your willingness to impart this knowledge and truth to others...
The Urantia Book, (25:4.12)

Saudi King Abdullah Gives Women Right to Vote, Run in Elections [Saudi Arabia]

Click here to read Saudi King Abdullah Gives Women Right to Vote, Run in ElectionsThe mark of high civilisation is the equality between man and woman.
Saudi King Abdullah Gives Women Right to Vote, Run in Elections [Saudi Arabia]:  Having officially determined that God is totally cool with women voting, Saudia Arabia's King Abdullah announced that starting in 2012, women will be allowed to vote and run in municipal elections. Which are the only kind of election anyway! More »